Synthetic of 7 × 105–1 × 108

Synthetic of 7 × 105–1 × 108

Synthetic dyes are the organic soluble compound which enters in many sectors, cosmetics, paper, textiles, plastics, printing and leather products 1. The only industries that used about 12% synthetic dyes is textile industries and about 20% of these dyes lost in water2.

Azo dyes belongs to synthetic dyes. It is known by presence of azo group (R1-N=N-R2), has resistance for light, heat, water and detergents which makes it a good dyes for textiles industries. It is about 60—70% of 7 × 105–1 × 108 tons produces manually is azo dyes 3. These dyes consumed a massive quantity of water for washing and cleaning process, thus the colored streaming water can mixed with the ground water or transfer to drinking water 4. The colored wastewater can effect on aquatic life and human beings, discharging of effluent dyes in water can cause bad effects whether carcinogenic or mutagenic and allergic effects 5.

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