SUMMARY.Education without wings and cannot fly, same is

SUMMARY.Education without wings and cannot fly, same is

SUMMARY.Education is important for acquiring skills and knowledge.

Education brings positive changes in human life. It enhances the knowledge, skills of a person which enables him to lead a successful life. A child without education is like a bird without wings. This proverb defines the level of importance of education. Just like a bird is nothing without wings and cannot fly, same is the case with the people who, without education are nothing and they cannot prosper.

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Education is a building stone of a nation. It gives that awareness through which one can develop in itself, a sense which can distinguish between right and wrong. It makes you a sensible human being by polishing your unfortunately in Pakistan education level is not up to the mark. Both females and males are invigorated to acquire education not only at the basic level which is known as primary education but are also motivated and encouraged to attain higher levels of education in their respective fields of interest. According to the current situation, the education report of 2016 issued by UNICCO the literacy rate of Pakistan is about 60% which is far less than our neighboring countries like India and Iran. Every 7 out of 10 children’s between the age of 5 and 16 are out of school.

That makes around 85%of the total children between these ages which very shameful for us as a nation. Even backward countries like Syria, Libya, which are the state of war, rank higher than Pakistan. It is a right of a child to get an education but in Pakistan, about 8 millions children of primary age are not getting any education. Primary education is the most basic education. Typically after six years of primary education comes secondary education and millions of peoples are not getting an education, in secondary level also. When it’s come to graduating ages, Pakistan has very less literacy rate up to 40%.

This is mainly because at this age a lot of factors came example majority of teenagers at this age tend to do small jobs just to support their families and for that, they quit education. Problems, there are a lot of problems and reasons for this all. The first thing that comes to our mind is poverty. Poverty is adding a lot to it.

Many of students having not enough resources cannot get the education. Due to this poverty children often do not attend school because they are working to support their families for their survival. Millions of the children under the age of 14 are labors at the carpet weaving industries and domestic services across Pakistan.

Another reason Pakistan spends 2% of GDP on education which is a very low percentage. This also created a lot of problems. Pakistan is a Muslim country the dominant religion is Islam about 96% of the population is Muslim, which like all religion urges men and women to acquire education.

In Islam, it is clearly mention that it is obligatory for every men and women to receive education. Our government has announced different plans and promotes literacy but they are unable to translate their words into action because of varying social, cultural, and political obstacles. Solution to above problems; change the policies of education government needs to changes the policies of education. it is the first duty of government to help the needy students through funds, scholarships and other economic platforms.

Only through education a country can boost and prosper. Pakistan is also striving towards better education. while achieving this goal, Pakistan is many common problems like poverty, lack of resources, and governmental ignorance.

Pakistan can be one of emerging nations in education.


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