SKEA and are certified by EFQM. There are

SKEA and are certified by EFQM. There are

SKEA is the Prime National Provider and Representative of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) (, 2018). SEKA was founded in 1994 by Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry to help government and private sectors to achieve excellence and competitiveness.

SKEA provide an integrated program that provides all the training related to quality and excellence, including the training for the leaders of excellence as well as other schemes for the credit of excellence and how it is recognized. this aimed at encouraging organizations in the United Arab Emirates to support their efforts towards achieving business excellence. All these programs are bilingual and are certified by EFQM. There are three main excellence award categories based on the continues performance developments starting with diamond, gold, and silver. Also, they provide appreciation certificate for good excellence progress.

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Based on SKEA it is eligible for these sectors: • Manufacturing Sector.• Financial Sector.• Educational Sector.

• Service Sector.• Tourism Sector.• Trade Sector.• Construction Sector.• Professional Sector.• Health Sector.

(, 2018)As SKEA is based on EFOM, it uses the same criteria which are divided into two main parts, enablers are the criteria that help to in implementation of strategies such as leadership, process, people, strategy and partnership and resources. The other part is result that look at the achievements in these area of key result, people, customer and society results of the organization.


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