Since introduce in Malay Waters till the entered

Since introduce in Malay Waters till the entered

Since the 17th century, English traders had been introduce in Malay Waters till the entered of the British European power came to be entirely obvious in Malaysia. More and more British traders came to Malay States as a result of expanding trade activities in Southeast Asia at the time. British concerned about mainly economic and small concern in territorial control before the mid-19th-century. The British look toward southeast Asia for new resources after they were the most powerful coloniser in India.

The Company’s desire increased by reason of the developing of the China trade in British ships for bases in the region. Different islands were used for this objective and the first constant procurement was Penang which hire from the Sultan of Kedah in 1786. This tack shortly after the mendacity of territory on the Province Wellesley. During the Napoleonic Wars in year 1795, the British occupied Dutch Malacca to forestall possible French interest in the area with the assent of the Netherlands.

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