Similar the play Top Girls is a

Similar the play Top Girls is a

Similar with Marlene the main protagonist of the play Top Girls is a very bold women who rejects the norms of the male dominated society in which women are like puppet. But Marlene is different character, she is a career-driven woman who is only interested in women’s success in business. She left her ‘poor’ life and illegitimate child with her sister Joyce, in order to treat the path ‘success’. Because she was not able to adjust baby and business together.

If she chooses baby than she has to leave the dream of successful career and again has to live poor, so she chose her successful career. The play examines the role of women in contemporary society. This is clear that if a woman wants to become economically powerful she has to adjust family and job together or she has to leave one. In that situation mostly women select family rather than job. But Marlene is a different woman she left her baby for the successful career.

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