Should independently. Forcing the child into a career

Should independently. Forcing the child into a career

Should parents choose the career for their children? I would strongly disagree with this statement. As parents are the ones who go through difficulties to bring up their child so that their child can live a healthier and happier life. It is very common for a parent to desire their children to live a well-settled life thus, they may take an upper hand in choosing their children’s career. On the other hand, children should be given the right to choose their career and live their dreams independently. Forcing the child into a career path which they are not interested in, will make them abundant and rebellious. Furthermore, every child should have their rights to make choices and be independent.

It’s the nature of parents to want the best for their child. They want to give the best clothes, the most nutritional food and most importantly the best education for their children. However, it is a little bit more complicated when it comes to deciding what is best for their children’s education. Because at this age most children have not discovered their true identity and interest yet thus parents would feel it would be better if they choose the career for their child just like they do for everything else. Recently, when a group of university students was asked why they chose a particular course or subject in university many of them did not have a satisfactory answer. Many of them gave this similar answer that simply because their parents chose it for them, this situation is really a concern that people need to put their thought into. Students should know why they want to take a particular course in order for them to have a clear life goal and ardor to achieve it.

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In contrast, there are people who say “we should always remember that parents are much more experienced than the child. They have seen the world better than their kids and perhaps their decision would be better and correct”. However, children should not hide behind their parents’ shadow and just blindly follow their parents’ instructions. Every child should have their rights to choice and independence. It is vital for parents not to make final decisions for their children’s field of studies due to the generation gap and dissimilar passion.There is a saying that “interest is the best teacher for being successful”.

People are motivated by their interests and would never feel exhausted during their ways to success. The chance of selecting their career should be given to young generations. They are the future to our civilization, giving them the chance to engage in what they like would give them sufficient motivation to bring themselves and their nation up. Some parents are doing such things as they feel like they couldn’t do it when they were young.

For example, a parent wanted to be a doctor but their parents couldn’t afford it. So now to bring that dream up, the parent is telling the child to be a doctor even though the child isn’t ready to decide his own future yet. This may lead to a lot of pressure and stress towards the child.

Depression and other symptoms are caused. On the other hand, there are some people who believes that desire of parents should be fulfilled. In this world, every child should be more grateful to his parents. As they have brought them up through great difficulties. However, a career which is chosen by the parent may result in lack of interest in the academic life of the child. University life is one of the best phases of a students’ life, to make the best out of it.

Students should be given the privilege of choosing their own career. A child should be well informed about the feasible options of careers and left to choose their own career path. This would help the child to work on his field of interests and work his way through success in life. Also, the child would hardly have the thought of blaming the parents for his own down-surge in his career.

A career build by themselves would give them the self-confidence to fight their own way to excel in life and would eventually learn to survive in this highly competitive world. An imposing interest of the parents on the child would only create pressure on the child. They would have to struggle under the pressure to evolve. They might have succeeded in the external appearance but whatever glory they earn might not completely satisfy them. Despite that, a group of people mentioned that parents provide an immense support to their child by choosing them a right career path, and no parent would intent to ruin their child’s future by making a wrong decision.

Yet, self-satisfaction is the highest motivation of existence and would only be attained by letting the child choose his own career path.Parents might have had a lot of dreams when they were kids too. Failing to fulfill those dreams due to their family or financial issues may have a huge impact on them. In such cases, parents tend to force their child to adopt their dreams as they try to see themselves in their child.

Such attitudes should never be encouraged at all times. Children are the future of the nation, civilization and even the world, restricting them to live their dreams just to fulfill their own is a huge crime. Parents should set their children free and independent. I would like to end the topic saying parents should not choose the career for their children however be a guidance to them.


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