Rhinos rhino because it guard the big animal

Rhinos rhino because it guard the big animal

Rhinos have intrinsic value. Rhinos play a big role in seed pollination because they eat large volume of plant material dispersing the seeds in their dung and also play a role in health and vegetation maintenance in their habitats. we don’t even know what all of the impacts of losing rhinos are on the ecosystems they are found in, meaning that there will be no way of telling what the potential ramifications will be, until it is too late. There are plants and animals like birds, insects, mammals that depends on rhinos because they (rhinos) prunes trees that their dependents need for food and shelter.dissapearance of rhinos might results in trees becoming overgrowing, changing the landscapes and making it unsuitable antelopes,etc to leave the area .the ecosystem is changed leading to desertification and death of other species .Oxpeckers are close friends of the rhino because it guard the big animal and it notify it if there are any approaching danger and the bird eats ticks and animals that hunts the bird are afraid of the rhino


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