Reflection the stroke symptoms. I worked with different

Reflection the stroke symptoms. I worked with different

Reflection “is a method of using experimental knowledge to enable professional and personal development while reinforcing continuous learning” (Gustafsson and Fagerberg 2004).

I am going to reflect on my academic and professional development in year two of my course in Driscoll’s model of reflection; what? so what? and now what? (Driscoll, 2007 cited by Dandrea, 2009). WhatThough academic writing and referencing was very challenging for me when I started my nursing, but gradually it improved. I have identified my progress both academically and in my practice. Firstly, I gained the confidence to communicate with people as well as in my academic writing. For my module three placement, I was in a stroke ward and I could see many stroke patients and thus I could identify the stroke symptoms. I worked with different professionals like stroke specialist nurses, healthcare assistants, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, doctors and occupational therapists and I learned how to work as a team. McBride and Hyde (2006) Smith et.

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al (2009) state that good teamwork improves better performance, and this enhances patients’ safety and satisfaction, reduces the length of stay in an acute environment, lowers patient mortality rates, raises staff morale and improves recruitment and retention (Cited in Burton and Ormrod, 2011). I have attended the Multi-disciplinary team meeting and thus, I understood the role of different professionals. I had many opportunities to talk to patients, families, and multi-disciplinary teams. My confidence level improved, but my weakness is that I am a little nervous when people ask questions which I don’t know.

Academic achievements in module three, I was pleased to pass in my clinical report and empowerment essay with 78% but I think still I need to improve my academic writing to perfection. The Student support team and my personal advisor offered me a great support in my academic writing. Compared to my first year, I improved my academic writing, but I think still I need to improve in some areas. Therefore, I will focus my feedback on both my clinical report and the empowerment essay. Therefore, I can get good marks in my module 5 dissertation. Module four focused on long-term conditions and I achieved 66% on my exam, but not as much as I expected. In the Evidence-Based Learning (EBL) group, we discussed different types of long-term conditions and I have done various research and I am sure that it is a boost for my future career.

My module four placement was in the community team and I realised how different it was when working in the hospital and in the community. This placement gave me an opportunity to experience working with long-term illness, different types of leg ulcers and dressings. This placement allowed me to excel in boosting my nursing clinical skills, communication skills and I could meet different types of people in the different environment.

Similarly, l maintained a therapeutic relationship with service users and I improved my communication skills. Some of the information about patients and the clinical skills were not familiar and I think I need to learn those in my next year. At the start, I was not familiar with system one where they keep patients records as I never used it before, but once I started using it, it was easy. Soon after the home visits, I used to record it in system one.

According to NMC code 10.1,” complete all records at the time or as soon as possible after an event, recording if the notes are written sometime after the event”.So whatWhen I entered my second year, I was nervous about my exam and academic writing, but it went well and that gave me the confidence to do my dissertation in my third year.

Overall, I had a positive experience in my placement and it gave many learning opportunities on stroke and the long-term illness. The mentor’s feedback gave an opportunity to know my weakness and I will work into it. “Self-awareness can help us present ourselves more appropriately in the therapeutic relationship (Sundeen et al 1998). It involves recognising what we know, what skills we employ and what limitations affect our ability to intervene. It can also enable us to present ourselves as knowledgeable, expert in some areas and as still learning but supportive in others (Jack and Smith, 2007).” Personal and professional lives can be effective by increasing self-awareness (Jack and Smith, 2007). I spent time with stroke specialist nurses to assess stroke patients and I learned initial signs of stroke symptoms and how to assess a stroke patient.

While was on my Collaborative learning In Practice (CLIP), I gained more confidence to take care of patients and deal with relatives myself. While I was in the stroke ward I learned tracheostomy care and PEG feed. Community placement increase my confidence level by doing procedures like dressing out in the community by myself. Now whatI will continue to improve my academic writing as well as my practical skills in my final year.

I will plan to write well in advance and I will continue to use the support from the student support and the personal advisor. I will continue to learn the new skills in nursing which will help in patients care. I will attend training whilst on placement because through a continuous process of learning and reflection, health care professionals can keep their professional knowledge and skills up-to-date (Royal College of Nursing, 2018). This year, I learned some of the skills in nursing which will help me to work in the healthcare system.

Each year I will meet my learning outcomes and I will apply those in my practice. I am sure I can improve my academic writing and communication skills in the coming year. I need to improve my confidence to question other professionals if I have any concern. I think I would like to care for patients in intensive care and hopefully, I will get a chance to work there in my next year. As I progress into my final year, I am looking forward to qualifying as a nurse and working in the acute unit in the hospital and I will continue my learning through reflection.

1031Jack and smithBy increasing our self-awareness, we can be more effective in our personal and professional lives. The development of self-awareness is also important for our own wellbeing (Freshwater 2002). Being more self-aware helps us to take control of situations and become less of a victim. Becoming self-aware is an ongoing process that is never complete. Therefore, self-evaluation needs to be undertaken at regular intervals.

This evaluation process helps us to see how far we have come, identify what we still need to learn and plan how we are going to get there (Burnard 1988).District nurses play an important role in the primary health care system as they deliver care to patients in their own home and their roles are to be supporting independence, managing long-term conditions and preventing and treating acute illness, also supporting the families ( (2018).


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