Reduction that is the overall body structure mass

Reduction that is the overall body structure mass

Reduction in Cost
Advance materials like the aluminum alloys, titanium alloy and the composite material, these all are the way to light and help in reducing the overall cost of the aerospace by different means. Those material effect the processing and manufacturing techniques
Cost of Acquisition and Ownership
As the new materials are being used in the military and civil projects, the thing is to reduce the cost of the ownership, the processing and starting cost. As the most of the application of aerospace are used for military purposes. Due to the inclining in the demand of the material the cost inclined too in the past year. The starting cost of the the acquiring material can be compensate by reducing the operating cost. As we know that the modern materials are far more light and efficient from the old materials so this factor totally effect the fuel consumption by the aircraft. So, the reduction in fuel burn can be achieved by using those materials. Moreover,these materials also tends to incline the payload that is the overall body structure mass proportion. Lastly, as those materials have ability to withstand more damage and those have the more life span, hence the maintenance time span between two maintenance increases.
These materials help in reducing the cost of the ownership but there are the other costs that we cannot ignore easily. However, the light weight and other factors help in declining the cost of ownership but the large cost related to the premium of these material must accountable. Some materials provide the reduction in weight at higher cost. if we consider the example of the fiber reinforced polymeric composites, more reduction in weight acquires than the new metallic materials at higher cost. Furthermore, the diffusion bonding of the titanium or aluminium alloys with the superplastics forming tends to decrease in cost by reducing the weight but not that much. Also, after improvement in the aluminium lithium alloys and carbon fibres reinforced polymers the cost saving is significant.
The Impact of maintenance costs
The cost of maintenance is one the main cost of the overall budget because in its life span an aircraft has to go for maintenance for number of times. This cost cannot be ignored. If we talk about the civil and military aircraft, the starting buying cost is half of the maintenance and the operational cost of the aircraft. there is significant difference in the operational cost of the civil and military aircraft. The frequency of use of the civil aircraft is far more than the military aircraft. Hence , the maintenance, system upgrade and repair costs become more significant than the fuel consumption cost. Likewise, if we talk about the new combat aircraft’s structure and the material, both has the impact on the cost but as compare to the material cost, maintenance of airframe and engine structures cost more weighs than the former one.
In addition to this, the reduction in weight also impact the fatigue life of the parts. As the advance material has low weight with greater strength, so the reduction in payload or mass of an airframe and gas turbine mover directly effect the fatigue life that is inclination in the fatigue life of those parts. different materials have the various properties. For example the modern material aluminium lithium alloys have the property to resist the fatigue cracking, this help in withstand capacity of the material against fatigue failure. Likewise, the resistance against corrosion of the polymeric composite material help in reduction the environment damage. Hence, continuous research and development in advance material, these material have the tendency to withstand fatigue and corrosion which are the main problems. Also, the parasitic mass can be reduced bu using the light weight alloys with increase in the performance. if we take the example of the aluminium lithium alloy , the reduction of weight and the inclination in fatigue life can be achieved.
Repair Technology
The repair cost is one of the other factor that has significant impact on the overall cost. This cost cannot be ignored easily. Both the operational cost and the repair cost are important for consideration. In previous time, when the carbon fibres reinforced polymeric composite were in early stage of development, they did not account the operational and repair cost. For refrence to Thorbeck paper, the repairing cost of the advance material is minimum of two times the repairing cost of the conventional metals. In any case of the replacing of the whole part, we cannot compensate the whole cost from fuel saving. That is why the it is most important to give the significant importance to the maintenance costs of an aircraft.
The Status Of Current Material
Advance material like the composite materials, Aluminium lithium alloys, titanium alloys etecetra are being more used in military and civil aircrafts nowdays. It is due to the number of advantages and properties which help in reducing the weight of the aircraft tend to fuel savings and the properties like corrosive resistance and increase fatigue life make those materials more efficient. Also there are more material like the fibres reinforced metal matrix composites, which includes the aluminium, titanium and the magnesium alloys and some powder materials also there. Due to the greater strength the of titanium alloys, the use of titanium alloy in military applications has inclined to great extent. Some alloys like the nickel superalloy and ceramic are continue in research and development. Moreover, the new polymer matrices have the greater strength and it can withstand to the higher temperature.


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