Records for kept overall records with detailed

Records for kept overall records with detailed

Records center is a building that provides safe and environmental control for the lower storage, maintenance and communication semi current records pending their retention is required.

The records procedures are established to ensure the record are safe, located in right place, retrieved, used and return to storage. Those procedures could easily in arrangement and control the records from unauthorized access. It also provides systematically legal disposition for the ultimate disposal records and ensure prompt with efficient handle of records. This is showed that Dungun District Health Center as the records center for handling healthy records related to all patient in Dungun, Terengganu. They provide services towards customers and kept all data or records as current and future references. In Dungun District Health Center, they have a room for kept overall records with detailed care and have cleanliness for that room. They could keep the records in files system, forms and reports.

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For the records center of Dungun District Health Center, they have own procedures on handling records. They have been used computer system that access only by authorized person and logs to keep track of the storage assigned for each box, retrieved data for references and which records are reached limit for disposal. Generally, almost the records just kept for a few month as reference and waited until the communication related with that records finished up.


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