Public of the arising healthcare issues (Hinna, Gnan,

Public of the arising healthcare issues (Hinna, Gnan,

Public Sector vs. Nonprofit Sector NameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Public Sector vs. Nonprofit Sector How the Public and Nonprofit Sector Serve the Public GoodNonprofit organizations mainly focus on improving the general welfare of the public, which can be achieved through implementing strategies meant to protect the environment or addressing some of the arising healthcare issues (Hinna, Gnan, & Monteduro, 2016). Nonprofit organizations also strengthen communities and relationships between different societies across a nation.

This is important as it benefits the community generally in many diverse aspects, which include educational, religious, scientific, and environmental (Hinna, Gnan, & Monteduro, 2016). The public sector also serves the public good through the provision of the necessary amenities meant to address some of the needs of the public. The government largely funds the public sector to finance the provision of vital services to the public. This ensures everyone has access to these services regardless of their income or status in the society. This includes the provision of healthcare services, education, and security services (Hinna, Gnan, & Monteduro, 2016).

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Does It Matter If Each Serves A Different Purpose?It is important for every sector to perform its purpose due to the responsibilities and expectations of each sector (Hinna, Gnan, & Monteduro, 2016). The public sector is meant to ensure that every citizen has access to important services, which requires a large amount of finance to the organizations in this sector which nonprofit organizations might be unable to perform without adequate funds. Since the government is the large financier to most of the organizations in the public sector, it is important for the public sector to continue with its provision of services due to the access to necessary resources required in the provision of important services (Hinna, Gnan, & Monteduro, 2016).

Nonprofit sector focuses on charitable services and even though they can still make money, the money is used to grow the organization. If this sector serves a different purpose, it may redirect revenues collected to the other purposes, which may affect the mission of the organizations in achieving their desired goals and objectives (Hinna, Gnan, & Monteduro, 2016). Should They Both Provide The Same Services?The public and the nonprofit sector should each play different services since each has a different perspective on their provision of services. The public sector focuses on providing important services, which cannot be provided by other sectors and protects the public from being taken advantage of by other organizations (Savignon et al.

, 2018). The nonprofit sector mainly focuses on any missing or limited services in an aim to improve the welfare of the community. Due to these different purposes, it is important for every sector to perform their intended purposes to avoid the negative effects associated with a failure in achieving the desired goals, which may affect the nation’s economy (Savignon et al., 2018). Five Real-Life Services Performed By the Public SectorHealthcare services-This includes diagnosis, prevention, and treatment services to the public, which helps in improving the health status of the public (Savignon et al., 2018). Security services-This includes protecting the citizens from internal as well as external threats, which may cause harm to the citizens.

The police and the military mainly provide these services (Savignon et al., 2018). Urban planning-This involves designing and implementing measures meant to ensure adequate planning of land to ensure air, water, and other important amenities are sufficient for the citizens of a nation (Savignon et al., 2018). Legal services- These include the provision of courts and legal systems to ensure that justice is available for all. This system is also responsible for the application of the law (Hinna, Gnan, ; Monteduro, 2016). Education services-This entails facilitating learning in schools (Hinna, Gnan, ; Monteduro, 2016).

Five Real-Life Services Performed By the Nonprofit SectorReligious services-These include different religious organizations providing buildings and services associated with different religions (Andreaus, Costa, ; Parker, 2014).Healthcare services-If there are unmet needs by the public sector, nonprofit organizations can step in to fill these gaps (Andreaus, Costa, ; Parker, 2014). Advocacy services-These include representing the public in advocating needs and interests of the pubic to the government or the relevant authorities (Andreaus, Costa, ; Parker, 2014).Cultural aspects-These include helping communities in preserving their cultures and values, which is an important aspect of culture (Andreaus, Costa, ; Parker, 2014). Civic and opportunity roles-These include strengthening the communities as well as providing opportunities for the public for innovation, which helps the public to grow their economy (Andreaus, Costa, ; Parker, 2014). Three Real-Life Services Performed By Both the Public and Nonprofit SectorHealthcare services-Due to the complexity of the healthcare services, both the public and nonprofit sectors provide their services to help in the improvement of the health status of the citizens of a nation (Savignon et al.

, 2018).Environmental services-These services include services meant to protect and improve the environment, which plays a large impact on the lives of the citizens living in a certain nation (Savignon et al., 2018).Educational services- Due to the inability of the public sector to provide these services adequately, the nonprofit sector may also share in the provision of these services, which are important as they impact the economy of a nation (Savignon et al., 2018).

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