provided by Radisson Blu hotel should be such

provided by Radisson Blu hotel should be such

provided by Radisson Blu hotel should be such that the guests arriving at their hotel should develop a favorable taste towards itself & guests are forced to come to that place time & again.The second property that we are considering for this essay is Hotel Leela Ventures in India.

Hotel Leela Ventures has gone through various transformations in 2012 when it split for its long-time partner and took the autonomous name of Leela Hotel from the previous name of Leela-Kempinski. Leela Hotels since its split has celebrated its expansion. The Business owns and operates six hotels at New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Udaipur, Coimbatore, Agra, Kollam, and Chennai, besides operating two hotels at Gurgaon and Kovalam under Management Contracts.The pure Indian experience found across the hotels and resorts represents the group’s underlying philosophy to please and surpass guest expectations through courteous Indian hospitality, known in the ancient Indian scriptures as ‘Atithi Devo Bhava or ‘Guest is God. Leela Ventures has networking with 15 airlines: Air France/KLM , All Nippon Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific , China Eastern, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, Lufthansa Qatar Airways SAS-Scandinavian Singapore Airlines South African Airways Thai Airways Air Baltic The list of Offices of Leela Venture ltd.

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: India offices of Leela Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad Kolkata Mumbai New Delhi Pune International Offices: London New York Dubai France Germany, Switzerland Singapore Hong Kong Russia. The partnerships of the Leela with global airlines and its international offices indicate its global presence and international brand value acceptance. The Leela Mumbai is the perfectplace for any wedding or celebration. The royal and trueIndian culture ambience attracts as the recent concept of destination marriages. From an intimate group to a gathering of a 1,000, the hotel will take care of every arrangement.

Leela Ventures caters majorly to commercialtravelers and foreign tourists. The general strategy involves partnerships with corporate customers and international holiday package companies. As a general trend in the industry all the Leela Hotels also provide for fine dining restaurants inside the hotels campus. These restaurants are in partnership with foremost global food chains and provide a large variety of traditional, authentic and international cuisine.Le Cirque Signature proposals the signature and most popular specialties from the brand’s renowned restaurants around the world along with new recipes for Mumbai foodie by famous Michelin noted chef Matteo Boglione from the flagship Le Cirque, New York. Its guests over the years have been Leonardo Di Caprio, Sarah Jessica Parker, Woody Allen, David Bowie, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The hotels also have arrangements for corporate meetings and international sessions. The Leela, Mumbai hall can house up to 1000 people.All the operating hotels, resorts and palaces have got LEED Platinum accreditation. The other general plan implemented by the firm is the use of digital marketing. In the modern era, internet and social media play an eminent role in creating a company’s brand image (Gill. JS, Kaur.M 2015).

The company has upgraded its website and emphasis its presence and brand value and image on social websites such as and It also includes youtube.

com in its marketing strategy. On being questioned about the innovative knowledgesexistence offered at The Leela Palace Hotels and resorts, the President of this exotic chain of hotels replied that a major reason for the guest appreciating The Leela experience is the way in which we introduce them to the last stop and showcase customised experience which is not normally available.Further he added that the hotel aspires to serve as a great gateway to their guests so that they can practice and get an understanding of the rich heritage and culture of India.

So the Leela Palaces are designed in such a way so as to showcase the total environment and its landscape green spaces, central to guest experience of India. Celebration of Indian art, architecture, cuisine and culture is at the core of Leela hospitality. (Ray. B,2017)In a nutshell, every hotel has its own marketing strategies which is flexible and is molded as per trends and post market analysis of that region. The FHRAI Indian Hotel survey report shows the market segmentation in the Indian hotel industry which clearly highlights the fact that the Domestic Business travelers constitute the highest segment followed by domestic leisure tourists. (FHRAI-Indian-Hotel-Survey-2016-17). This is the reason why both the above-mentioned hotels have Commercialtourists as their goal audience.

Moreover, the choice of marketing media is also critical. The hotels usually try their level best to be in direct contact with the customer from the very inception stage. A research by FHRAI reveals the percentage of hotels using various marketing media, where the highest share is of Direct mail and Promotions being the second. To recapitulate, both the above properties have diversified target audience and differentiated goals and strategies. About the Radisson group aims to cater their foreign clientele by providing modern architecture and lavish ambience along with top class services to satisfy customer needs, on the other hand, The Leela group focuses on preserving and displaying the traditional Indian culture in order to allure tourists and visitors.

Besides, Radisson has paid attention to the Place Marketing strategy by constructing the hotels in proximity to the Airports – it is a wise plan to attract tourists and the results have been growing every year, whereas The Leela hotels adopts and believes that most of the tourists are not looking for ‘rich’ but ‘enriching’ experiences by providing showcasing exclusive heritage of India. So we can conclude that every hotel has to take up different marketing strategies and activities in order to be in demand. The choice of strategies depends upon the target audience and customer expectations as ‘Customer is King’.

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