Productivity the customer. It’s important that communication

Productivity the customer. It’s important that communication

Productivity is affected by the way we communicate in the workplace.

With an effective team of employers and employees it will influence the outcome of the work environment. There must be clarity of communication. As stated in Effective Communication in the Workplace, many employers spend a substantial resource training their employees skills on how to communicate effectively which in the end can have an impactful success for their business. I just recently started working at a car dealership and quickly I could tell that everyone knows what it takes to handle the customer. It’s important that communication in every department flows effectively when it comes to pleasing the customer.

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The way that they do so has taken on its own vocabulary/jargon and in it you can see the strengths and weaknesses of communication throughout the workplace. Although the entire department communicates with one another in some form or fashion, the main focus is that of the customers. The employees shows their strength by causing the customer to feel important when they come in looking for a car, another strength is that they entice them by making them feel comfortable, and also throughout the day, they check on the customer two and three different times. A lot of times the communication is so effective that when a customer comes in to have the car repaired in the service department before you know it, the employees are over in the sales area talking the customer up.

Before you know it more often than not that the customer is about to purchase a brand new car and trade in what they brought in to be repaired. Some of the weaknesses of the dealership is shown in how they communicate with one another, one may offer their support on the strategies used to win the customer as to what to say and what not to say but a lot of times this help comes with looking for some of the commission. Another weakness that is obvious is that leads are often times given to certain ones Communication in the Workplace 3more so over the other; you can tell that this happens by the way they communicate with one another. This brings us to the last weakness and that is them receiving feedback.

Sometime in this area communication is only one way, it is the employer saying how he wants a thing to be done by his employee verses hearing all sides. Sometimes communication is very subtle and other times not as much. To show each customer they are important they are treated with care. Each person pay special attention to the needs of the customer.

The customer service throughout the whole dealership appears to be impeccable; it’s whatever it takes to satisfy the customer that you’ll find everyone actively listening in order to achieve success. I can see the tips in a study put into play in my workplace. The employees maintains eye contact with the customer at all times, especially on the sales side You would hear the salesperson regurgitate a previous conversation that the customer had and they ask clarifying questions to communicate interest and gain insight (3.

5). Like any business, how you communicate and how your message is received to the customer can have a big impact on the growth of the business. In the car dealership business this communication takes finesse. All of this matters, especially to our salesperson department.

If they can talk a good enough game, along with making the company money it put extra in theirs as well. All of this starts with the manager. One of the ways this happens is that every Monday morning the supervisor calls his staff into a meeting, there he gives the numbers of what was accomplished and what is to be expected. This is routine and every single day, one can hear him saying “get out there and make money (2.

5). Not a customer that comes through the doors (or on the property for that fact) is left without being approached at some point. The focus of each employee there is no communication Communication in the Workplace 4with the customer.

Some departments more than others has contact with the customer and their job is to show themselves friendly and make contact. From our studies, Emphasizing Strategies, I can see the steps that the manager uses. He uses internal summaries and foreshadowing to help his staff keep on track by reviewing weekly what’s been covered and by highlighting points of what is to come.


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