Poverty or make life even better. The

Poverty or make life even better. The

Poverty is a condition whereby people are not able to meet their basic needs. That is, they have little or no food, shelter, health care, education, clothes and other means of living to improve life or make life even better.

The issue about poverty has been an issue on the rise for ages. Poverty is a common social issue that has been bothering nations for a long time. It is not just an issue just in America but in the entire world. Every year on October 17 the International Day for the eradication of poverty is celebrated throughout the world. This was introduced and recognized by the United Nations. The reduction of poverty has been a major goal and issue for most international organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank so that everyone in the world could live a life free from hunger, pain and suffering.

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Every year, there are millions of people that die from hunger as a result of poverty. A country that experiences a lot of corruption will always grow slower than others and this makes the economic activities of that country to decline rapidly.


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