please takes a deep breath and strides onto

please takes a deep breath and strides onto

please refrain from talking                                                             The hockey gameBrian is sitting nervously in the locker room of the ice arena.

the horn sounds,he thinks to himself ”it’s time for warmups”.He takes a deep breath and strides onto the ice,he knows the pressure is on   his team hasn’t won a championship in six years.twenty minutes later warm ups are over.

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Brian and his team skate off the ice and get on to the bench.that’s when brian looks over to the other team’s bench and sees Eli the same kid he played in the regular season,lets just say……

they don’t like each    other.then the horn sounds and brian strides onto the ice to take the faceoff trying to conserve energy because he knows it’s going to be a rough game.brian steps up onto the hash marks to take the first face off of the game.he loses the faceoff the other team goes right down the ice and scored.twenty minutes later the score is six-two brians team is down.the horn for the second period sounds,brians teammate takes the faceoff,he wins it brian gets the puck and sprints down the ice smoldering through two defensmen one of them being Eli.

Brian shoots the puck top shelf right past the faceoff brian takes he wins the faceoff he passes to his teammate who strides down the ice and loses the puck to Eli so brian gets eli into the corner of the boards and smolders him against the boards.Eli slowly gets up and smashes his stick into the back of brian’s neck.

brian immediately drops to the ice in agony.He comes back in the third period after he sustained an injury from eli`s slash. brian goes to the hash marks and his teammate wins the faceoff  he takes the puck down the ice shoots and the goalie makes an amazing save.the horn sounds for the end of the period.the game is going to overtime.brian takes the faceoff he wins it he gets the puck right off the the


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