Peer into their lifestyle.In addition, you can

Peer into their lifestyle.In addition, you can

Peer pressure can exert a positive effect or it may also have a negative effect on the personality of the individualPeer pressure can have a positive effect on the individuals.They can learn from the frugal habits of others and incorporate them into their lifestyle.In addition, you can also have positive thought process by seeing how other are coping with the challenges of life.You may not like a certain idea or the professional field but forced to join because peers are also treading the same path.It is an extremely dangerous trend that can ruin the career of a person and rob him or her of independent thinking.The probabilityof failureis extremely high because the person cannot put the heart and soul in the work.Peer pressure can be negative and positive however it depends on the individual to emulate the good points and leave out the bad ones.


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