PDSM main theme of the song is

PDSM main theme of the song is

PDSM Week 9 – Assignment – Heal the WorldHeal the world by Michael Jackson is a call to action for humankind to save the world from being reduced to a desolate wasteland. The main theme of the song is about preserving the lush beauties of this world for future generations. With the current pace of world events, it would seem that the situation is very dire and action needs to be taken to improve the outcome.The human heart is considered the origin of emotions for millennia. Michael knows that any person with a heart is capable of loving and hints at this throughout the song to get everyone’s better, more caring self out.

This theme of this song is closely aligned to the themes taught and practiced by the lessons in the PDSM module. Lessons like ethical conduct, behavior ; environment taught in PDSM shares a similar outcomes to what Michael suggest by lines such as “Heal the world … for you and for me and the entire human race” in his song. The lines “We could fly so high, Let our spirits never die” refer to the potential for kindness in each human’s heart. Even though a person may build, up walls and not show their true kindness or caring to the world each person has the basic human instinct inside. This is hinted at in the lines “If you want to know why, there’s a love that cannot lie”.

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The themes suggested by the song act as an important guideline to me. This is aided by the fact that melody of the song is very memorable and enjoyable which allows it to always be in the back of my mind. It constantly reminds me that my actions have consequences and effects on the environment.

This has raised my environmental awareness a lot and has actually helped me be more motivated in completing my protections against plastic module for my personal development course, which focuses on caring for the environment by gathering and recycling plastic waste, which is essentially poisoning our environment for the future of the human race.As damaged as the world is in its current state, we cannot allow its condition to worsen any further as it would hinder humanities rate of progress towards a better more kind and peaceful world.


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