Patrick viewed in the context of the

Patrick viewed in the context of the

Patrick Adrian ArcillaMrs. M. BafundiHRE4M1-0117 September 2018Following Important Moral CodesThe moral code can be viewed in the context of the philosophical, cultural or religious way and the moral can be any teaching, beliefs and practices within or defined in the moral code. Morality plays a significant role in us. We are raised to follow certain moral codes set by our religious institutions.

Personally, my family follow a number of important moral codes that is kept and passed on through generations. In our time today, following moral codes can be challenging. The norms of society will challenge you and may allow you to ask yourself if you can keep honouring the important moral codes in your life.

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One of the important moral codes my family and I follow is the Golden rule. “In everything, do to other as you would have them do unto you” Matthew 7:12. My mother is the most religious in our family. I remember her telling me this passage when I was still a kid. I was raised a Baptist Christian.

Ever since I go to church every sunday with my family. My family and I have been an active member of the church through ushering and being member of the choir. The Golden Rule has been probably taught to me a hundred times from attending so many bible studies. The problem is, following the Golden rule has not been easy, especially when you are not thinking about your actions, and how you say certain things to other people.

The norm challenges us Christians on following the golden rule by making us think less on our actions and what we say to other people, until we hurt someone else. After all of that, we get angry because other people have done the same thing to us. And that is the time we are always reminded of the importance of the Golden rule.Another important moral code my family and I follow is the Ten Commandments. Like the Golden rule, the ten commandments has been taught to me first by my mother and the church. The commandment that my mother always remind me and my older sister is to honour our parents, my mother and my father.

She always reminds us this commandment especially when me and my sister had an argument with my father or with my mother, also when were getting a little disrespectful to them. The commandment that I think is we always fulfill is to remembering the Sabbath day and to keep it holy. As much as possible my parents try their best to clear their schedule so that all of can attend the service every sunday. As always the norm also challenges us on how we follow the ten commandment. We are sometimes influenced by other people to do things that might contradict the commandments and make us sin. Temptations also play a role on us breaking the rule sometime. Lastly, another moral code I follow including my family is celebrating Christian holidays.

My family and relatives are serious on celebrating holidays. Especially, my favourite time of the year which is the day a son was born. And this son is the son of the most high, the birth of Jesus. Christmas has always been the most happiest days in my life. Not because of the gifts I receive but the chance to celebrate it with my loved ones. Christmas is celebrated by many people around the world.

The sad part about it is many people has forgotten the real essence of Christmas, which is the time for giving and showing our love to our family and to our friends. The norm challenges us by making us forget the true meaning of Christmas. Many people celebrate or like Christmas because of the gifts they receive, shopping, food and decorations. What they are missing is to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. He said “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.

No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6. I hope people will always remember this passage and keep it to their hearts.Growing up with moral codes for me is a privilege. Not every kid grew up with moral codes and I believe that these moral codes with the help of the teachings of my parents, and the church has made me the person who I am today.

Fulfilling the moral codes may not be easy, you are might be challenged by the norm, or even the people around you. Just keep in mind, like what my mother always tells me in rough times, take it to the Lord in prayer.


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