Oxfords like slaves. There are far too many

Oxfords like slaves. There are far too many

Oxfords dictionary defines child labour to be the employment of children in an industry or business, especially when considered illegal or exploitative.

According to the International Labour Organization, it is estimated that there are currently around 152 million children between the ages of 5 to 17 that are victims of child labour of which almost half work in hazardous child labour, meaning they work in dangerous and unhealthy conditions. Many companies believe using children for labour is advantageous since they are cheap to pay and easy to manage. However this should not be allowed. Children should not be exploited and manipulated to do work for companies that want to make money off them while treating them like slaves.

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There are far too many negative consequences that come with child labour that can affect the life of a child. One example of the repercussions of child labour includes the physical and psychological strain put on the young kids that are forced to work. Another side effect of child labour includes the amount of education that the children miss out on.


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