Oting Skills and Research Methods, his performance was

Oting Skills and Research Methods, his performance was

Oting is, without doubt, one of the strongest undergraduate students I have had the pleasure to teach and work with at Kampala International University, Kansanga Kampala Uganda.

I was Oting’s advisor for his thesis and supervisor for his teaching practice respectively. I taught him Communication Skills and Research Methods, his performance was outstanding and I observed him successfully worked his way through despite financial difficulties to excel academically. Oting was always my class representative and discussion leader that motivated other students in a class.AS I noted from his discussions, he was one o a rare student who could use an advanced approach to discussing theoretical and practical levels while keeping firmly the topic of discussion. He has a strong understanding of socio-economic theory and concepts and strong intellectual facility, he writes clearly well and will complete his career if given the opportunity to pursue his dream research at UNU-IAS to undoubtedly to acclaim.Oting is a rare and gifted scholar, he has my full support for any assistant UNU-IAS will render him to achieve his academic endeavors.

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