One wide scope in the daily paper

One wide scope in the daily paper

One of the effects of unemployment among the fresh graduates is the increase in social problems. Joblessness is one of the real reasons for some social and monetary issues which are the imbalance of economic well being among the populations or the expansion of bad habit exercises. In numerous nations around the world, Malaysia is not avoided from getting included and managing wrongdoing offense issues in each day.

According to Muzafar and A.H. Baharom (2008), “The wonder of wrongdoing wave has gotten an expanding consideration and the criminal action has been given wide scope in the daily paper and media”. Besides that, based on Becker (1968 as cited in Ehrlich, 1973) proposes that the criminal movement in Malaysia does not pull in the consideration of the general population over the globe and remains to a great extent ignored by the financial aspects of crime literature. Unemployed who have long been unemployed will be under pressure in finding a job.

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This is because of the compulsion of parents who forces them to find a job to help accommodate for other family members. Therefore, they feel that they have to be responsible for helping to ease the burden of family members to find a living. They will feel depressed and ultimately they are trapped in unprofitable activities such as robbery, killing and other anti-social activities to earn money to support themselves and family members. Not everyone becomes a criminal by choice but getting repeated failures in finding a job can turn them into carrying out some illegal business as it is the best way for them to earn some money. Besides, the impact of unemployment among graduates is it will reduce the nation’s economy.

When there are a large number of unemployed graduates, then the withdrawal of some sectors of the economy will be reduced and it will result in reduced country output. Unemployment is not encouraging economic growth but also leads to a high unemployment rate. This will affect the performance of economic growth. Wastage from production sources will lead to low production output. When the country’s output is reduced, then the revenue or profitability of the entrepreneur will also decrease. This will reduce the company’s taxable income and profit tax amount that will reduce the country’s revenue.

Therefore, it will slow down the process of national development. With reduced state revenue, the government cannot provide the necessary infrastructure facilities to generate economic growth. The expenditure has to be reduced and it will slow down the development process of the country. High unemployment causes the economy to not operate at a maximum level.

Lastly, the effects of unemployment towards fresh graduates are the unemployment financial costs. In many countries, the government and the nation have suffered as they have to pay the unemployed some benefits. If the number of unemployment or the longer they are without any work, the government has to shell out. Therefore, the nation not only has to deal with the loss income and decreased production but also with additional cost to bear the burden on the unemployment. The increase the number of unemployment it will make recession. The other economy factors will significantly affected such as the income per person, health costs, quality of health-care, standard of leaving and poverty.

All of these affect not just the economy but the entire systems and the society in general.


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