One in poverty countrywide is 16% of

One in poverty countrywide is 16% of

One of the biggest social issues we’re currently facing is the growing increase of people becoming homeless and entering a poverty like state in the country as well as the entire world. There are approximately five-hundred and fifty-four thousand people that are currently homeless in the U.S. alone while worldwide the number is an estimated one hundred million people.

The number of people who are living in poverty countrywide is 16% of the whole country while worldwide its a staggering 1.6 billion people.That means almost one sixth of the population are currently living in poverty. A large number of people will just have a simple solution to this growing epidemic and just say “why not just get a job” well for one point is that jobs are hard to come by especially if you don’t have nice clothes to bring to a interview or not have not having any device to be able to communicate with their employers.

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Another reason many believe as to why the homeless do not have a job is because of a mental illness.A huge contributor to that rumor is the amount of veterans that are homeless which there are about forty thousand people across the country . As time passes by poverty just seems to increase every year and nobody has a permanent solution to help fix this problem. Some solutions that are being implemented to help this issue is giving them permanent housing and have them join programs that will help them get back on their feet. When people initially think of the homeless they imagine somebody who walks around pushing a cart or somebody who’s just lying around with tattered clothes asking for money, but in reality that’s only a small percentage of them. While the truth is that most people who are homeless dress and act just like the rest of us. A huge reason as why is the fact that in most cities the minimum amount of money needed to have either a house or a apartment is simply too much compared to the amount that they make.

This problem has been popping up more in big cities lately like San Francisco, Dallas, New York because of how low the minimum wage is($9.70) in New York while you would need around eighty-thousand a year salary just to be able to rent a normal apartment.This leads to an increase in poverty which creates a bad environment in which many people resort to drinking and doing drugs, which often leaves them or their family homeless.In 2017 it was reported that in a single night that 57,971 families are homeless.

That means 37% of homeless are families that aren’t either able to afford having a house or suffering from a parents substance abuse.A researcher named named Josh Leopold estimated that about 25% of the homeless have a job. Another very important category of the homeless are veterans. Recently the number of homeless veterans has been increasing for the first time in over seven years. Even with the help most veterans get from the government it just isn’t enough any many of them are forced to live on the streets. The biggest cause of this problem is that around 80% of the veterans have a mental illness,which further complicates their problem of trying to get out of being homeless and for those that do sometimes come back into homelessness because not being able to get the proper help to stay on their feet. The biggest issue most think when they wonder why there’s so many homeless is mental illness.

Approximately about 20% of homeless have a severe mental illness


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