On thing that traveling eliminates. 73 percent

On thing that traveling eliminates. 73 percent

On average, over eight-million people travel every day. Who does not want to travel? “”The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”, is a famous quote of Saint Augustine. Traveling is very refreshing and revitalizing for the body. Not to mention the cost, 33 percent of travelers are planning to spend more money on travel to get a better experience (Fuggle,Lucy). There are many reasons people are planning to spend more money.Traveling can improve mental health, physical health, and social health.

Traveling can improve everybody’s mental health in many ways. Stress is one main thing that traveling eliminates. 73 percent of the population are dealing with psychological stress and traveling can decrease that number(Brain, Statistic). It is scientifically proven that people who travel and get away from work, friends, and even sometimes family have lower stress levels. All things considered, 89 percent of travelers say they are less stressed than they were at home(Holland, Emily).

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Traveling can also “recharge your batteries”(Dodge, Joanna). Additionally, traveling to foreign places also has many benefits. For example, phycologists have conducted an experiment to see if traveling abroad help the brain work faster. The results of this experiment had proven it is true that geographic distance can lead to more creative and expansive problem solving (Boyce, Alice). Speaking a foreign language also helps a person’s brain to work faster.

Furthermore, traveling can help the person traveling to learn more things. This point also goes along with mental health and the knowledge that one might have. Traveling can help everybody learn more about places and historical facts. However, travelers also tend to learn more about themselves. For example, most foreign travelers learn to cherish what they have and be less worried about what they do not have. This can also be categorized as focusing on what one has to be grateful for.

Furthermore, traveling can also help oneself to become patient and remain calm. Traveling involves a great abundance of waiting. Whether it is waiting in a line for a restaurant or you are waiting to claim your luggage. Along with this traveling will help oneself to try new things that most people might not try at home.Additionally, traveling can help with everyday life skills such as money and time management that some people may be lacking. Traveling can be very educational in many different ways.

In like manner, traveling can also boost physical health. With that in mind, travelers walk an average of six to eight miles everyday. Walking can boost one’s heart rate and help strengthen it to improve blood circulation to bring more oxygenated blood to parts of the body(heart health).

Which in exchange, can give travelers more energy. In addition, the traveler’s diet will change dramatically. Even more so if traveling internationally.

Just booking a flight can improve one’s happiness levels and make them feel more energized. Traveling can even help everybody live longer. It is scientifically proven that “When you travel from place to place, your body adapts to thousands of new bacteria, which in return makes it much stronger”(Snyder, Marcie). Which this can make one’s immune system stronger and it can help fight off diseases. Lastly, traveling can improve everybody’s social health. Traveling, especially by oneself, can improve connections with people dramatically. With this in mind, traveling gives everybody the chance to disconnect and explore the outside world.

Along with this, there is always something for everybody to learn while traveling. Flying solo can certainly feel lonely a lot of the time, but it can give the traveler chances to reflect on their experience and not have someone else’s opinion affecting their travels. This will also help oneself to meet new people and go outside of one’s comfort zone and try new activities. Especially when travelling globally, other countries can offer things that one’s home can not offer. Such as activities, food, people, and many different cultures. Flying solo can also expand one’s outreach and connection with the general public. On the other hand, when traveling with another person, their relationship will most likely become stronger.

It can also help the travelers to get to know the other person better. In the final analysis, traveling can be very beneficial to everybody. If your staying in the country, or going somewhere 10,000 miles away, there will be many benefits. Everybody enjoys traveling, from young to old. It is fun, adventurous, and everybody can learn something from their experience.

This activity will broaden one’s perspective on the world. Traveling can improve everybody’s mental health, physical health, and social health.


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