Olive/oleic dietary supplements capsules which contain (Cu: 2

Olive/oleic dietary supplements capsules which contain (Cu: 2

Olive/oleic bio-alkyd resin (OOBAR) Preparation: A 85 g of oleic acid with 28 g of glycerol were heated for 6 h. Then the product was heated with 15 g biosorbent 6 h, followed by adding 15 g of phthalic anhydride then heated 6 h. The final product was washed with distilled water then methanol and left to dry at room temperature then blending and sifting at 355 µm (0.0355 cm).
Molybdenum stock solution (1 g/L): was prepared by dissolving 0.185 g of (NH4)6Mo7O24.4H2O in distilled water to 100 mL.
Vitamins drugs stock solutions: 1.217 g Vitayami for the deficiency of iron and vitamins tablets which contain (Cu: 1000 mcg; Fe: 30 mg: Mn: 2.5 mg: Mo: 15 mcg) and other content (Multi-Apex for Pharmaceutical Industries, Badr City – Cairo – Egypt), 1.067 g V2 plus multivitamins and minerals capsules which contain (Mo: 0.2 mg; Cu: 1 mg: Mn: 1 mg: Fe: 10 mg) and other content (Pharco pharmaceuticals, Alexandria – Egypt), 1.299 g Vitamax plus dietary supplements capsules which contain (Cu: 2 mg: Fe: 9 mg; Mn: 5 mg; Mo: 30 mcg) and other content (El Salam City – Cairo – Egypt) and 1.67 g Vitona plus energized and biotonic capsules which contain (Fe: 14 mg; Cu: 2 mg; Mn: 2.5 mg; Mo: 0.186 mg) and other contents (Egyptian Int. Pharmaceutical Industries CO, E. I. P. CO, 10th of Ramadan City – Egypt) were prepared by dissolving of each one in aqua regia and gently evaporated several times till dryness and removing any excess of them. The residual was dissolved in distilled water to 100 mL in a measuring flask containing 1mL of concentrated HNO3.


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