Notes early middle medieval period of western history.

Notes early middle medieval period of western history.

Notes from source on positive and backward elements of the Dark Ages:• The dark ages was used to describe the early middle medieval period of western history. • The modern history barely used ‘the dark ages’ because of the value judgement it implies.

• The time 476-800 was the early medieval period of western European history • The term dark ages was found in the 17th and 18th centuries • The nation fell in the dark ages before resurfacing for 2 district middle ages. • Making medieval England neatly chop into pieces. • The empire needed to design and build a dark history to emerge • The dark ages was a brutal time that included the bubonic plaque , wars and many horrific things • Middle ages is also known as age of faith • But a more appropriate title for the period would be the dark ages because of the black death, wars and the collapse of government• The Black Death caused intense suffering and problems across Europe. • On 24th of august 410 AD the roman empire falls • The romans hired foreign soldiers to help protect their borders • The Charlemagne ruled as emperor for 3 decades The Dark Ages of Europe were called such for several reasons. One of the more notorious reasons was the state of the Catholic Church.• In the years before the Reformation, members of the Catholic clergy had reached an all-time low in terms of their morality. The abuses of clerical power and privileges by the medieval clergy• A period of time when the Europeans made progress despite enormous difficulties.

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• This period of time was full of plaque, greed, fighting, economic difficulties and a lack of technology. • The bubonic plaque swept through Europe killing about a hundred million people • During the 3rd century there was a widespread violence amongst everyone • A mini ice age prevented crops from growing and many people died due to the lack of warmth • Dark ages was a very horrific time for the people they went through wars, illnesses and fraud just about every day of their lives.• Still some good things happened during the dark ages, religion came as a major part of the dark ages • Religion gave people a sense of security when they needed it • Christianity was once a banned religion became one of the most followed and respected religion in all of Europe • • •


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