Nanotechnology wires or linear arrays of dots that

Nanotechnology wires or linear arrays of dots that

Nanotechnology has greatly contributed in many advances of products in various disciplines because of its unique properties. Nanotechnology is the reason why it is possible to create materials that are extremely small scales to achieve specific properties. Using nanotechnology, the materials can be effectively made stronger or lighter among many other traits.
Basically, the application of nanotechnology can be divided in to several categories. Thin films and engineered surfaces are categorized in one-dimensional applications of nanomaterials. They have been used for electronic and chemistry fields. Two dimensional materials like tubes and wires are another type of applications of in nanotechnology. Nanowires are ultrafine wires or linear arrays of dots that are formed by self-assembly. Semiconductor nanowires are made of silicon. There dimensional nanomaterial applications include nanoparticles like dendrimers and fullerenes.
Nanotubes is another application of nanotechnology. Carbon nanotubes are one example of application developed using nanotechnology. The tensile strength of high carbon steel is around 1.2 GPa but the tensile strength of carbon nanotubes is 63 GPa. Also, they are known as one of the strongest materials having been developed by nanotechnology.
Miniaturized products in this field perform very poorly because of contamination of particles and poor heat dissipation. With nanomaterials, ultra-high purity materials with better-quality thermal conductivity is used to overcome those issues. Nanomaterials are quite important to produce long lasting and strong interconnections. Better insulation materials can be created which is used in the field of electronics. Nanomaterials increases the capabilities of electronics devices while reducing their size and power consumption.


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