NANOSTIX Fantasy Company that is located in

NANOSTIX Fantasy Company that is located in

NANOSTIX SUITABLE FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO STOP SMOKINGThe improvement in e-cigarettes are bringing an advanced technology which is called Nanostix. The new technology is brought from the United States of America (USA) as a new e-cigarette technology which is developed by the Fantasy Company that is located in New York. It is designed for smokers to get the satisfaction when they are using the Nanostix. Furthermore, it is also an alternative for smokers who want to stop smoking for their health.

Cigarette VS Nanostix In general, Nanostix is absolutely different from the original cigarettes that we know contains almost 4000 types of chemical substances. The original cigarette consists of nicotine, carbon monoxide, arsenic and many more. Nicotine is used to give more calmness towards users, meanwhile carbon monoxide is the chemical that is released from vehicles. Plus, there is also rat poison that is included in cigarettes which is called arsenic.

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Most of the chemical substance are harmful towards the human body and will slowly give a negative impact towards smokers such as heart attack, tongue cancer and so on.Meanwhile, the Nanostix flavor consists of 5% nicotine and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). PG and VG are considered a safe and acceptable substance to be ingested by the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration. Plus both of the substances are part of many types of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products that exists in this world. If we think logically, if the substance is used in food manufacturing, it should be safe to use because it is the same substance.Vape VS NanostixVape and Nanostix does not have that many differences because it is from the same technology which is e-cigarette. However, there are certain differences that can be seen through the saving measures. In general, Vape and Nanostix uses the same system which is the use of coil as the firing method that will help to release the flavor.

For a vape user, there will be a bit of a problem for those who are beginners when they want to rebuilt the coil because they need to know the setup of the coil to make sure that the they can taste the flavoring and vapour.Meanwhile, there is no need for Nanostix users to recoil or rebuild the coil during the start. This is because in the Nanostix cartridges, they have already prepared the coil. Plus, by using the Nanostix cartridges, users just need to throw away the cartridges when they have finished the flavor and just replace another cartridge before using it. It is more simple and not complicated if we compare it with Vape. As Saving Method Nanostix is designed not only as an alternative for smokers but those who want to stop smoking, it is also designed to minimize smokers’ expenses in their daily life.

In Malaysia, the price of cigarettes are rising time by time and this makes smokers worried. We cannot just ask smokers to stop smoking because it is difficult for them to stop smoking since their body has already adapted with the nicotine from cigarettes. So by switching to the Nanostix, it may reduce the expenses. This is because if we look at the bigger picture, a cigarette can be inhaled around 10 to 15 times only.

Meanwhile, with a single cartridge of Nanostix they can inhale around 500 to 600 times which means they can saves their money. Plus with just five to six inhales will make the smokers feel the same as what a cigarette would do. Moreover, Nanostix does not need a long time to recharge if we compare it with vape. Vape usually needs to be charged around one hour or more while Nanostix just need to charge for 30 minutes based on the battery capacity which is 350Mah only. It can stand for two or three days based on how frequent it is being used.


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