“Monsters lives in Bangor on West Broadway.

“Monsters lives in Bangor on West Broadway.

“Monsters are real. Ghosts are too. They live inside us, and sometimes they win.”-Stephen King Stephen King is known for being one of the greatest writers in the horror genre. From this, he earned the nickname, “The King of Horror”.

King was born September 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine. That would make him 71 years old. Still living in Maine, King lives in Bangor on West Broadway. King is sadly now retired from writing novels, but his novels are still very successful and many of them have been turned into movies. Before becoming an author, Stephen King taught English at Hampden Academy, still writing in his spare time. A lot of important events have affected King’s life.

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Both in positive ways and in some negative ways. Some events that affected King negatively are his father leaving him and his mother when King was at the young age of two. The other was King being hit by a car. After being hit by the car, King thought about retiring . Some positive events in King’s life are his many accomplishments and awards for his bestselling novels.

Stephen King accomplished a lot in his career of writing. Some of those accomplishments are beginning his career, publishing his first novel (Carrie) when he was only 27 years old, writing over 50 novels and hundreds of short stories, and winning his many awards for his novels. Some not as major accomplishments of King are writing many popular novels, such as, The Shining and The Outsider. He also had to make some quite important decisions, such as whether he wanted to retire after the accident or if he was going to continue writing his novels. Well over 72 of King’s novels have been turned into films or tv specials.

The first to be on screen was the classic, Carrie. Many of his novels became very popular movies, many that still terrify audiences today. Stephen King had to face many challenges through his life. He was addicted to cocaine and liquor. His wife, Tabitha King, convinced him to give up the addiction for the sake of his health and his family. He first turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his fears and anxiety, it then developed into a very bad addiction.

It was so bad, he smoked about 2 cigarette packs a day. Once over the addiction, he used writing to cope with these problems. Another challenge King faced through his was suffering from depression. His fears played an influence on his subject matter for many of his books.

Writing about his own fears is what caught attention of the readers and their ability to relate so well to King’s work. Stephen King has had quite a few influences in his choice of topic for his novels. Some of his influences were books, and some of his influences were places. One of the books that influenced him was Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, which inspired the novel Salem’s Lot. Another book that inspired King was a book series called “The Lurker in the Shadows”, which was what inspired him to start writing. A few places that inspired King’s books are a pet cemetery, a ghost town in Ruth, Nevada, and Colorado’s Stanly Hotel.

These are known haunted area, making for good settings for his novels. There was a pet cemetery that King buried one of his children’s pets in, this inspired the book Pet Sematary. The ghost town in Ruth, Nevada inspired the book Desperation. Lastly, the Colorado’s Stanly Hotel inspired the book The Shining. The hotel is now visited by many to see if they can experience what King wrote about.

Many things in Stephen King’s life have played a role in his success, he is an award author and known by world-wide. With the movie remake of his cult classic novel, IT this last year, a new generation is getting to experience the terror of his well-known Character of Pennywise, the dancing clown. His novels and the movies created from them have shown that the talent and work of King will stand the test of time. Stephen King has inspired many people. Some people who he inspired went on to make shows or episodes in shows about his novels. An example of a show inspired by King is the Duffer brothers’, Stranger Things.

Some episodes in shows inspired by King’s novels are episode 15, season 7 of Family Guy and episode 3, season 1 of the Simpsons. Episode 15, season 7 of Family Guy is based of King’s novels Stand by Me, Misery, and The Shawshank Redemption. Episode 3, season 1 of the Simpsons is based of the novel Under the Dome. These are a few examples of what Stephen King novels inspired. Stephen King affects me in many ways. His novels are very inspiring to me in how many novels he wrote.

This inspires me to know that even if it seems like a lot, anything is possible. The movies based of King’s novels inspire me as well as the novels do. By watching the 2017 remake of the movie “It”, I overcame my fear of clowns. By researching King’s life, I realized how interesting he is. Most people don’t make a career out of their fears and anxiety copeing mechanism. A timeline of Stephen King’s Life and Journey:• 1947- King was born• 1959- King began writing• 1963- Began writing short stories• 1966- King graduates from high school• 1970- King graduates from University of Maine• 1971- King marries Tabitha Spruce• 1971- King begins teaching English • 1974- King publishes his first Novel, Carrie• 1974- King’s mother passes away• 2004- King earns the World Fantasy Awards Lifetime Achievement Award• 2015- King receives a Bram Stroker award for Lifetime Achievement• 2016- King receives Lifetime of Work Promoting Literacy A timeline of medical break throughs:• 1952- the first pacemaker invented• 1953- first description of DNA• 1954- first kidney transplant• 1964- the first measles vaccine• 1967- first heart transplant • 1970- the first rubella vaccine • 1974- first chicken pox vaccine• 1977- the first vaccine for pneumoniaA timeline of World events from 1947-2018• 1947- The start of the cold war• 1949- The creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization• 1950- Start of Korean War• 1953- End of Korean War• 1955- Start of the Vietnam War• 1963- Assassination of President J.F.

K• 1969- Civil Rights Act• 1969- The first moon landing• 1975- End of Vietnam War• 1986- Challenger • 1990- The start of the Persian Gulf War• 1991- End of Persian Gulf War• 1996- Death of Princess Diana• 1999- ISIS is formed• 2001- Terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, NYC• 2007- The great recession• 2008- First African American President• 2011- Navy seals assassinated Osama bin Laden• 2016- 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Death• 2018- Death of Stephen HawkingsWhen Stephen King was a kid, life was different. For example, kids went outside and explored. Some families did not have televisions, so people read books to entertain themselves and pass time. For the families that did have televisions, only had shows in black and white.

These televisions also had no remotes. There was a safer environment where kids could go almost anywhere by themselves. At this time, “touch-tone phones became hip” (city-data).As a kid, Stephen King began to write short stories for fun. He did not have very many friends. He used writing as a way to escape his life. This is what eventually led to very successful career.

When King was young, items at stores where different too. The United States dollar around the 1950’s (this was when King was a child) could have bought the equivalent of $9.87 today. Cars costed about $1,510.

A pound of cheese costed 47 cents compared to about four dollars today and 2 pounds of bananas costed 27 cents compared to about six dollars today. One dozen of eggs was 79 cents. A single loaf of bread was only 12 cents.

Around the 1950’s people had gender roles still. Women were expected to be mothers and wives. Yet, women still took part of the home income after the war.

Men were still considered the superior of the household.


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