ME maize silage in the ration – ME

ME maize silage in the ration – ME

ME or metabolizable energy is a result of the percentage of the crops grain present, this is usually around the 70% mark and it provides more energy than the green part of the plant, the Stover. When the crop is harvested, its quality and how its fed out also have a part t play in the influence of its energy content. ME (MJ/kg DM) is a hugely important measure of a ruminant’s diet, it’s the available energy provided after losses in digestion gasses and urine processes.

Based on the 100 cows in milk each receiving 10kg/DM per day from maize silage in the ration – ME provided is analysed at 11.3MJ/Kg dm this falls in the average target value.Metabolizable energy (ME) MJ/Kg dm 11.3 MJ/Kg dm x 10KG/DM = 113MJ/Kg dm in total, the total on the ration sheet is 320 for the whole of nutrients provided, 207MJ/Kg of the (ME) comes from other feed stuffs in ration.

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The energy all comes down to the quality of the crop and its grain.Crude Protein levels can be low in maize silage, the analysis of this is at 8.2% DM calculated at 8.

2%DM x 100 cows =820% DM of crude protein supplied by maize, looking at the ration sheet 17.2% per cow is supplied as the whole nutrient amount, 1,720 % for herd so the maize supplies nearly half the rations protein level. With regards to the current enterprise and feeding out it has made a good contribution to the pasture grazing, as over summer the pastures protein supply can fall, this will have a direct effect on milk yields and animals holding LWG. Considering the current situation, livestock enterprise and feeding, the contribution of the whole ration looked at, the feeding of maize silage in small amounts for several weeks is a better idea over feeding large amounts with a lower protein pasture.

While the pasture is limiting, the benefits of the rations baled Lucerne and red clover herbage will add to the protein %.


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