Marchington role, expectation and performances required to do

Marchington role, expectation and performances required to do

Marchington and Wilkinson (2012) developed framework which discuses the components of an effective performances management system. The model consist of four objectives that reinforces effective performances management systems, it begins at the induction stage making sure that new employees understand their role, expectation and performances required to do the job more efficiently.

Overall, induction is essential in the effective integration of new starters into the organisation. The second stage is reviewing and appraising performances; this is a vital stage that refers to daily interaction with managers and stuff members and also through formal review of performances which contributes in motivating and developing employees to enhance their work performances. The third stage is to reinforce performances standards, which entails in rewarding and opportunities for progression or even talent management. It is worth noting, reinforcing performances standards also indentify poor performances problems consisting from absences, lateness and deterioration in performance standards.

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If these are the problems, the final stage of counselling and support is a fundamental process that provides support for individuals through support from line managers or even professional help such as counselling services or occupational health.


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