Many if this is true or not

Many if this is true or not

Many people have been known to have searched for this mythical stone such as Isaac Newton, Roger Boyle and Nicolas Flamel. According to the legend this stone could turn ordinary metals such as iron and copper into valuable metals such as silver and goldIt also acted like and elixir of life with the power of renewing life and curing illnessThe philosophers stone was the most sought after goal in the world of alchemyYes the philosophers stone is definitely remembered today.The author JK Rowling’s first book in the harry potter series “harry potter and the philosophers stoneIn this book she talks about how the stone can bring people back to life. She even incorporated the famous alchemist Nicolas Flamel into her storyNicholas Flamel was a French book seller who lived in paris in the early 14th and 15th century in 1382Flamel had claimed he had turned lead into gold after he decoded a Spanish alchemy book known as kabbalaThe records do not know if this is true or not but he did come into a lot of wealth around this timeBut as we know after he came into all this money he donated it to charity


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