Local different people! They use social media, campaigning,

Local different people! They use social media, campaigning,

Local small business is taking over many small towns. Small business is offering what big stores offer but some stores bargain their items at a discounted price. Mark your calendars because they celebrate ‘Local Small Business Day’, it’s a day when a customer gets to support their local businesses! Now that they have caught their local audience, small businesses are venturing out globally being available to different people! They use social media, campaigning, internet models, etc. to promote their business.

Having a good business and website plan can build a company’s customer base and market expansion. There are plenty internet resources available to help get started on small business or creating a website for existing business. Lashista Mink Lashes and Spa BarIntroduction Lashista Mink Lashes and Spa Bar specialize in over 20 plus lash styles.

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They offer lashes to fit every mood whether it’s flirty, sassy, natural, or just casual. Lashista Minks Lashes make their lashes to fit every customer beauty. They also offer various of spa services like: Cucumber Spa, Destiny Fit Spa, Hot Tub Miracles Spa, and a Random Spa.

Lashista is always coming up with different ways to satisfy their customers. Recently, one of their loyal beauties recommended creating a website to better assist their customers efficiently. In this essay below I will discuss some business models, websites, and other technological specifications to best fit their business.

Internet Business ModelA business model defines how a company produces, delivers, and sells a product or service to create wealth. Since Lashista Mink Lashes and Spa Bar is a small business, I would prefer the subscription internet business model. The subscription internet model charges their subscribers periodically a small fee daily, monthly, or annually in exchange for rare items that isn’t on the market for sale. Since Lashista provides different types of lashes and spa services they can benefit from creating a small magazine of featured clients monthly and add it to their subscription box. That would bring more customers in and have others eager to be featured in their magazine. If Lashista would follow subscriptions business model every month and give their customers fun codes or coupons, the company could grow. Website Benefits Having a website is very important for a business.

Did you know that there are 85% of people shopping on the internet? There are many ways a business can benefit from having a website like: advertising, market expansion, customer satisfaction, and increase in sales. A website is guaranteed eco-friendly when it comes to advertising and marketing. Advertising can be done through Facebook ads. Facebook is a popular social media site that can be used for advertising various of products. Another advertising technique that is a major advantage is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is the process that’s affecting the online visibility of a website in a web search engine unpaid results.

Having a good SEO service provider can boost the ranking of Lashista website, it can quickly result in improved sales and advanced profits (Dogulin Digital). The ability to expand Lashista small business and their products is to be available across time zones and even across the world. Regardless of customers geographical location, the people who visit Lashista Minks and Spa Bar website are there because they are interested in what they have to offer. Having an attractive and informative web design can be a big market expansion advantage. There are plenty of factors contributing to the success or failure of business. Customer Satisfaction is one of them.

The reputation of customer satisfaction should never be ignored. Satisfied customers can build a brand or break it. When a customer knows for sure they can get their issues resolved whenever they contact a manager they are being satisfied and certain to come back majority of the time. If the website is built on customer satisfaction I guarantee Lashista will build onto their customer base!Websites are often a key advantage in relations of money and time.

A way to lift increased sales is a good marketing strategy. Quantity doesn’t constantly mean quality, so Lashista will have to think smart when planning their website. Lashista can conduct a marketplace research to learn what messages express to their audience. Running ads and promotions in limited locations and checking other sites before spending their complete monthly budget on just one marketing plan.

Lashista can include a way to display marketing communications, like using coupons, electronic codes, or website traffic statics it will increase their sales (Sam Ashe-Edmunds). It is 2018, codes and coupons are one of the most advantage ways of a business strategy! Lashista Internet Benefits Lashista Mink Lashes and Spa Bar can benefit from a website by going into detail what type of service they provide and a price list of their products. Another benefit of a website would be telling their customer’s How Lashista Mink Lashes and Spa Bae started, their future, and a biography about the owner. The website will provide all Lashista employee contact information.

Being able to book online would be another benefit, it will be easier for Lashista employees to keep up with their appointments. The company would be thinking of their audience when creating benefits for the website. This website can be used as a social tool as well as a marketing tool. Lashista Functional Specifications Lashista website will perform functions where customers can browse and shop the different type of lash styles and spa services. When the customer has selected the type of style they want to purchase there will be a payment getaway which will offer Visa, Mastercard’s, Discover, Chase Cards etc. payment types. Since Lashista offers spa and facial services, there would also be a function where customers can book their future appointments.

Lashista website will also advertise their customer satisfaction comments, pictures, recommendations, and why their treatments are better compared to other salons. A customer inquiry will also be available for customers to ask questions. A subscription link and video will be available displaying some of the recent subscribers’ comments and goodies. Lashista Technological Specifications A software requirement specification defines how a product or service will work completely from the customers view. A technical specification defines the internal implantation software.

It can be for data structures, relational database models, choice of programming protocols and environmental properties. By producing technical specifications this is creating a blueprint for client sign-off and location for the computer design and construction stage. The type of software needed for Lashista website is Chrome, Safari, or any type of Internet Explorer that supports a high-resolution website. Email calendars and contact readers is another software technical implantation.

These software programs will be available to confirm appointments and keep track of customer contact information.


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