Later about the possibility of satisfaction or

Later about the possibility of satisfaction or

Later Antonova comes to conclusion that one of the most productive targets of speech manipulation are ethological and physiological ones.

They are connected with human instincts and peculiarities of human physiological sensation. According to A. Antonova 2011 the large group of manipulation targets can be divided into several subgroups:1) Ethoreceptive targets of linguistic manipulation (which comprise only human instinctive behavioral reactions, such as vital instincts, zoosocial ones etc.

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). Information about the possibility of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of human instincts together with some positive or negative association connected with it is the main manipulative mechanism. If the producers of pre-election propaganda speech form the image of their party as being able to satisfy the main instincts of the speech recipient, they achieve the necessary perlocutionary effect.


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