Labours of the industry that need labours

Labours of the industry that need labours

Labours are one of important factors to perform successful construction project. Construction industry is one of the industry that need labours intensive due to many task need to be done manually on site. Nowadays, the local skills workers unable to fulfill the need of construction market and this situation has caused the contractor to import foreign workers from other country to meet the requirement labor market in construction sector (Abdul Hamid et al, 2013).Through a statement released by Masters Builder Associations Malaysia (MBAM)(2012), the construction industry faces a shortage of labours and this sitatuation caused company compete for the limited number of local skilled labours in executing projects. It means that local skilled labours still not enough to supply the needs of construction industry.The level of supply of skilled labours is not enough due to the lack of highquality basic education, economy and an ageing workforce (Mohd Rahim et.

al, 2016). Moreover, Windapo (2016) also states that there is a relationship between skilled labour shortages and the requirement that labour be certified will cause unsatisfactory output when there is no certification requirement.Employee’s recruitment and selection is important factor to ensure the successful management of human resources in a company. The main purpose of recruitment and selection of employees is to pick the right person for the right job (Makhbul ; Hasun, 2007). Without a good recruitment and selection strategy, it will give negative effects to the organization. By implementing a good strategy can attract many candidates to apply for the position and employee selection can be done with more effectively (Makhbul ; Hasun, 2007).

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The growth of technology and internet had influenced the recruitment. Cushway (2012) defined E-recruitment as the use of technology to attract candidates and aid the recruitment process. E-recruitmet are used by organisations nowadays as recruitment strategy as well as increasingly popular method of candidates searching and apply the jobs (Kluster, 2010).


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