Klebsiella causes a number of diseases, on particular

Klebsiella causes a number of diseases, on particular

Klebsiella causes a number of diseases, on particular parts the body, it is a superbug (resistant to large number of antibiotics). It survive in human intestine where it does not cause disease. However, this bacterium migrate, and cause different types of infection in the body. Klebsiella pneumonia is a Gram-negative, no motile, lactose fermenting, and facultative anaerobic and rod-shaped bacterium. It is the prominent member of Klebsiella genus of the Entereobacter aceae, although it habitat in normal flora of skin, mouth, and intestine but as after inhalation it cause severe infection humans, and animal lungs which leads to bloody sputum.

Recently a multiple studies showed that Klebsiella species have become key pathogens in nosocomial infections (Mertz, Scharer, & McClement, 1967). Mostly Klebsiella target weakened immune system for causing diseases. Few diseases increase the risk of Klebsiella infection, such as diabetes malignancy, cirrhosis, pulmonary disease, chronic obstructive, and urinary tract infections. 1.7.1 PATHOGENESISKlebsiella bacteria commonly cause pneumonia, typically in the form of bronchopneumonia, and bronchitis.

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Some others conditions are urinary tract infection, wound infection, blood stream infection, surgical site infection and meningitis.Symptoms are contingent to the site of infection, in case of bacterial meningitis symptoms includes fever, confusion, and sensitivity to bright lights (Kupfer et al., 2006).

Klebsiella pneumoniae are resistant to a wide range of antibiotics. Such as carbapenems, an enzyme carbapenemases express by this bacteria render the effect of antibiotics, and become ineffective. Carbapenemases containing bacteria are collectively called carbapenems-resistant Entereobacteriaceae (CRE). Each year CRE cause 7,900 infections, and 520 deaths(E. B.

Hirsch & Tam, 2010).


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