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Kimberly A. McCulloughTalent ManagementLED501 Leadership & Management June 10, 2018Jacqueline TaggartColorado Christian UniversityAbstractFor any organization for it to carry out its mission successfully they need to develop as well as ensure that they deploy the right and talented employees and the right positions to articulate the passion and the vision of their organization. In healthcare setting Talent Management focuses on proficiency development through managing the development of talents within the corporation. In today’s healthcare talent management, it is a commitment from the company to develop a career path for individual employees. This trade article assignment mentions how healthcare using talent management and to create a highly responsive, high-performance, sustainable organization that meets or exceeds its business targets.

Talent ManagementI have selected Talent Management in Career Patterns Offer Opportunities to my relevant to my current assignment. In healthcare business world organizations can establish and communicate critical corporate goals, measure employee performance improvement, and ensure that all levels of the organization are aligned – all working towards the same goals. The Approach to Talent Management Technology Working in so many Emergency Room Department in hospitals along the way, new technology became an essential for us to understand and eliminate paper electronic records. Now that things changed today in other healthcare organizations, nursing homes, physician’s offices, and other organizations it will find ways managers interact with employees. To meet the talent management demand, I try to develop of talent to enhance performance in current position as well as readiness for transition to the next level. (Northouse, P. G.

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2016).Flexible Career PatternsEmployees may choose to change direction, or a change may choose them. When changes occur, a career pattern offers alternatives. In taking healthcare classes my flexible career patterns it gave me an excellent way to explore career options.

In working in healthcare system for so long I decided to work in healthcare is was a cultivating a genuine career path. (Israelite, L. 2009.) Conclusion: In working in healthcare settings so many years it is very important for me to use the most important to create a highly responsive, high-performance, sustainable organization that meets or exceeds its business targets. Working in so many healthcare organizations I know it is very important to, and the functions of assessments, planning, and budgeting. Mark 10:43-45, New King James Version) “But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all.

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”ReferencesNorthouse, P. G. (2016).

Leadership theory and Practice (7th ed.).Israelite, L (2009) Talent Management: Best Practices and Strategies for Success from Six Leading Companies


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