JOURNAL7 project director and Muhd Al Azzem

JOURNAL7 project director and Muhd Al Azzem

JOURNAL7 February 2018- This subject is taught by Mr. Ausaini Bin Ibrahim and 27 students are taken this subject from any course which is Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Management and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. 14 February 2018- During this class we were given an explanation by our lecturer Mr. Ausaini Bin Ibrahim about this subject. Next, Mr. Ausaini Bin Ibrahim gives an opinion for us what kind of event we are going to do which is doing the mini carnival.

21 February 2018- During this class, we select students to be a project director and AJK before choose the event. We had chosen Tijan Naquieyah Bt Tajul Mohd Suhaimi as a project director and Muhd Al Azzem Bin Hanafi as her assistant. Next, I was given a position as AJK souvenir and every AJK have a team members.

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After that, we are created organization chart.28 February 2018- This is our first meeting and we are going to choose the event for this subject. We are decided to do the YOUTH DAY CELEBRATION. This event means we were going to do a booth to selling on that event.

We decide to offer this booth to our students and other sellers. This is because to attract more people to come and join our event.7 March 2018- On second meeting, this meeting leading by our project director Tijan Naquieyah Bt Tajul Mohd Suhaimi. She gives a task for everyone and explained what to do.

Besides that, there is an addition to this event which is we will conduct the telematch competition. We will offer high school students around the Kota Bharu city to participate our telematch competition.14 March 2018- On third meeting, we were going to set the date, venue, uniform, program, sponsor and sellers. We are decided to do this event on 14 April 2018.

We decide to do this event at field because it’s more suitable because at the same time we are going to conduct the telematch competition. So, we are list several strategic place that have field such as Kompleks Sukan, Sekolah Menengah Zainab 1 (SEMENZA) and Sultan Ismail College (SIC). Next, I and my friends went to the proposed place to find out the price of a school field rental and some facilities such as electricity, toilets and other equipment.21 March 2018- On fourth meeting, after making a survey at each school we chose to do an event at the field Sekolah Menengah Zainab 1 (SEMENZA). After that, we distribute the entry form to the school to allow their students to participate in the event. We also discuss about advertisement and we were going to makes flyers and distribute at around the Kota Bharu city.

4 April 2018 – We selected 8 games to be contested on that telematch. 1. Tiup belon sampai pecah5. Timbang tepung2.

Bawa bola ping pon6. Bowling kelapa3. Pancing botol7. Cari gula-gula dalam tepung4.

Belon air havoc8. Isi air dalam botolBesides that, we have an addition contest which is lucky draw and donation of funds to austime.9 April 2018- We discuss about the division of each member’s work to make sure that everything goes smoothly and make sure all the requirements are complete. Besides that, all the program flow had been created. We also have a sponsorship which is from The Hawk, Tri Print t-shirt and other members.

We also got 15 sellers and 30 students will join us.13 April 2018- This is time to set up everything before our event start. We help each other to make sure all the requirements are complete. The tent was also installed on that day.14 April 2018- Before the event start we bring all a requirement to the field.

Everyone do their work and help each others.


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