It potentials successfully fit the scatteringdata but

It potentials successfully fit the scatteringdata but

It is well established that the peripheral nuclear reaction processes such as the elastic andinelastic scatterings are mostly sensitive to the nucleus-nucleus interaction potential atlarge separation distances outside the Coulomb barrier 1. In this region, the attractivenuclear potential weakens in favor of the repulsive Coulomb potential. On the otherhand, the nuclear fusion and other tunneling related phenomena such as ? and clusterdecays are extremely sensitive to the interaction potential in the partial and full overlapdensity regions of the dinuclear system, in addition to the vicinity of the Coulombbarrier 2, 3, 4.

This is the reason why many potentials successfully fit the scatteringdata but fail to describe the fusion data if no modifications were introduced, especiallyat energies below the Coulomb barrier 5, 6, 7. An example is the semi-microscopicdouble-folding potentials based on the bare M3Y nucleon-nucleon (NN) interaction orits density dependent form. Such potentials well reproduce most of the experimentaldata of peripheral reactions 8, but fail to explain many reactions that are stronglyinfluenced by internal region of the potential 9. Another example is the discrepancybetween the small diffuseness values of the nuclear potential that extracted from fittingscattering data and its larger values required to reproduce the fusion cross-section data10.

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