It are coming close to the breaking

It are coming close to the breaking

It is April of 1775, and tensions between the colonies and the British colonies are coming close to the breaking point. It will be April nineteenth when the first shots of the American Revolution are fired in Lexington and Concord. The goal of the British army was to capture a weapons arsonal from the colonists.

This battle will start off the long 7 year conflict between the new country that was the United States and the kingdom of Great Britain, who at the time had the strongest army in the world. Many different weapons were used during the American Revolutionary War. The most commonly used weapons during the war was the musket. The musket was a muzzleloading, flintlock weapon with a bayonet on the end, and it was very effective at close range.

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Since they were not very effective at long range, armies would get into to groups of men called regiments, and fire on the enemy at very close range. They would do this by firing in volleys, in which one person would fire a musket while another person behind them reloaded a second musket. If this did not work, then they could always charge the opposing army with their bayonets. The most popular musket during the beginning of the war was the Brown Bess musket, which was manufactured by the British, but due to a shortage of weapons during the beginning of the war, was used by the United States as well. It was a smoothbored, 75 caliber musket that fired a 69 caliber ball. The reason that the ball was smaller was to make reloading easier. It’s very high inaccuracy was countered by firing in volleys, and said volleys could also act as a wall of bayonets.

The wall of bayonets was very dangerous, for if it was used against a weakened army, it could cause mass confusion, as well as many casualties. The disadvantage of this, however, was that it left the soldiers exposed to the opposing army and their weapons, meaning that surviving the charge would be very dependent on luck. The United States used the Brown Bess musket during the beginning of the war, but they still had a shortage of weapons. Because of this, members of the Continental Congress as well as many of the states demanded that American gunsmiths made as many muskets and flintlocks as possible.

Many of the Americans also bought weapons from Europeans, who were starting to support American independence. Because of the lack of weapons, Americans were forced to use unconventional warfare tactics in order to defeat the British. This involved using guerrilla warfare, a tactic in which small group of people us ambushes and mobility in order to weaken a much larger and much less mobile army. Another tactic that George Washington was famous for using was a Fabian-like strategy in which Washington would avoid larger battles and run around alot, with the end goal of exhausting the British army. In 1778, the colonists had signed a treaty of alliance with France.

The French are going to play a major role in helping the colonists defeat the British. They are going to provide weapons as well as help train the colonial army. The French Navy will also play a major role in the war effort against Great Britain. The Colonists did not have a very strong navy, it was definitely not good enough to defeat the British navy. The British had the best navy in the world at the time, and the naval power of the French was a necessity if they were ever going to win the war.

One of the best ways the French helped the colonists is by providing them with a constant stream of weaponry. An example of this would be the Charleville musket. This was a .69 caliber musket that was favored by many of the colonists, especially towards the end of the war.

This was mostly because of accessibility, but also because the musket was significantly lighter. It was a smoothbored musket, just like the Brown Bess, which meant that it was highly inaccurate at long distances. However, it was still very good to the colonists due to the accessibility of the gun.

However, firepower alone would not be enough to stop the British. The colonial army was going to need lots of training. One of the people who helped train the continental army was Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Von Steuben, an old Prussian general who was hired by the French Minister of War, and was introduced to George Washington through a letter from Benjamin Franklin. Steuben trained the Continental army by picking one hundred different soldiers and training them. The trained soldiers would then go to another brigade, and train them.

This proved to be a very effective method of training, and was key in helping the colonists win the war. Another weapon that gave the Colonists the edge over the British was the Kentucky rifle. What made this rifle so special was the barrel. It was grooved, which gave the rifle a better range and better accuracy. The rifle could hit a target accurately from almost three hundred yards away. This allowed the colonists to engage the British armies from almost three times the distance that the Brown Bess could fire accurately on.


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