INTRODUCTION material. They are providing services with

INTRODUCTION material. They are providing services with

INTRODUCTION : ? COMPANY DETAILS : The industry that we are working with is the medium business firm name as NEW KD ENGINNERING WORKS.

New kd eng. Works are the industry is a fabrication work company. Here many machining operations are done which are like laser cutting, punching, water jet cutting, welding, bending operation ext. New K. D. Engineering works has been in the field of precision job work from last 10 years. There young and dynamic director’s Vision and technical excellency has made them to reach a vibrant Hights.

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They offer a wide range of CNC sheet metal components services that are manufactured using high grade raw material. They are providing services with quality metals and are in great demand for commercial as well as industrial purposes. New Kd Engineering offers CNC laser cutting that are available in different shapes, sizes and specifications to suit the customer’s requirements. These cutting jobs are widely used to make cut labels used in different commercial sectors. We provide CNC laser cutting services for sheet metal components in any shapes, sizes and finishes.

From 1500mm x 3000mmsizes & mild steel 8mm thick and stainless steel 6 mm thick cutting capacity. They also got reonewd name for water jet cutting job work here . The Water jet cutter is widely used in carving, cutting, shaping and reaming of different materials, such as composites, stone, rubber, tile, metals, food, foam, plastics and paper. This process is used in manufacturing or fabricating different parts of machinery and many other appliances. New K. D. Engineering Works is One Stop Sheet Metal Fabrication Solution providing, being one of the top integrated Sheet Metal Fabrication Solution precision Components provider of India, the company has grown in expertise, equipment and capacity to deliver fully integrated turnkey fabrication and contract manufacturing services to customers of wide range of industries.

8 ? Infrastructure & Capacity : There Newly Plant 20,000 Sq. Ft of Space at vatva ahmedabad & a Capacity of 5000 tons of heavy, including medium & Light Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly, New K. D. Engineering Works Has commenced Production this year. With this immense leap, the Company Has entered a new Era of Integrated Heavy Sheet Metal CNC Laser Cutting – TRUMPF Working Range Max. Sheet Thickness: X axis 3,000 mm Mild Steel 20 mm Y axis 1,500 mm Stainless Steel 8 mm Z axis 75 mm Aluminum 6 mm 9 ? INTRODUCTION OF LASER MACHINE : A laser is a device that emits lite through a process of optical amplification based on simulated emission electromagnetic radiation.

The term laser originated from” LIGHT AMPLIFICATION BY SIMULIUTED EMISSION OF RADIATION”.One of the first laser was built in 1960 by Theodore H. Maiman.

The uses of laser are bar-code scanner,laser printer,optical disc drive,fiber optic,laser surgery,cutting of materials and also welding of materials etc. Lase are distinguished from other light sources by there coherence. Special coherence is typically expressed through the out put being a narrow beam,Which is defection limited laser beam can be focused to very tiny spots,Achieving a very high irradiance,Or they can have very low divergence in order to concentrate there power at a grate distance.

Laser are mostly characterized by there wavelength in a vacuum. Likewice infrared laser,ultraviolet laser,x-ray laser,gamma ray laser,and so on.A laser produces light by its self its called optical oscillator rather than an optical amplifier.

Most single wavelength laser actually produce radiation in modes having slightly differing frequency. Here we are working on the co2 laser type 1030 of TRUMPF, Which is also cold TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 fiber. The TruLaser 1030 fiber is an entry-level solution with major advantages. This machine is reliable and cost effective in cutting mild and stainless steel. The energy efficient TruDisk solid-state laser enables easy entrance into laser welding. It offers enhanced productivity in thin sheets; is an affordable entry into laser-welding; its low investment yields low operating costs; and it is extremely simple to operate.

Now late’s focus on laser cutting, it is a technology that used a laser to cut materials and typically used for industrial manufacturing application. The laser optics and CNC (COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL) are used to direct the material or the laser beam generated. A typically commercial laser for cutting materials involved a motion control control system to follow CNC Or G-code of the pattern to be cut on the materials. The focused laser beam is directed the material which than either, melts,burns,vaporize away,or is blown away by jet of gas. Living an edge with a high quality surface finish. Industrial laser cutter are used to cut flat sheet material as well as structural and piping materials. 10 11 ? Laser cutting machine : Laser metal cutting machine is a type of laser cutting equipment for metal material such as hot rolled steels, cold rolled steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, galvanized steel, tool steel.

It is applied in sheet metal processing, aviation, space fight, electronics, electrical appliances, subway parts, automobile, machinery, precision components, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliance, gifts and crafts, ball progressing adornment, advertising, forging processing, various manufacturing processing industries. Laser metal cutting machine is also called laser metal cutter, metal laser cutting machine, metal laser cutters. FIGURE 1.1 :- LASER CUTTING MACHINE 12 ? Part Description : 1.

Laser Resonator : Laser resonator is the source which generates the laser light, It is the part where the laser beam is produced . It consist of the light filament where the electrical energy is converted in to the laser beam. 2. Beam Bender : Beam bender is the point which reflect the laser beam coming from the laser resonator. Beam bender is one type of the mirror that reflect the laser beam. 3. Laser Focusing Head : Laser focusing head is the cylindrical arrangement which consist the beam bender and focusing lance.

It also provide the protection from the outer surface. 4. Focusing lance : Focusing lance is the lance which has the high magnification capacity. It focuses the laser beam in to one directed point.

Where due to high heat the cutting happens. 5. Laser gas ; Laser gas is the external element that helps in cutting the material. There is wide variety of laser gases used in the laser machining like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, helium.

6. Nozzle : Nozzle is the element which focuses the laser beam and also mix the laser gas before it heat the work-piece. It also determine the diameter of the laser beam coming out of the focusing lance. 13 ? ADVANTAGES OF LASER CUTTING : a) Laser cutting is a non contact process.

This means that the laser beam used in laser cutting doesn’t physically touch the material that it is working with, instead causing the melting and cutting process through heat. This means that damage to the material is minimized. a) Laser cutting uses low power consumption. It is an important advantage in the world that is looking to works smarter, not harder by driving up production wild lowering cost, A laser cutting machine will only use around 10KW of power, Where other processes is use more around 50KW. b) Laser cutting is a safer method.

With the need of increase production comes the need of increased safety too, Laser cutting is a much safer method than other cutting processes as the laser beam that is being used is sealed in a tight box. c) Laser cutting can work with mini different materials. Weather its metal, diamond, plastics, wood, glass or many other materials, Laser cutting has no problem cutting it down in size or helping to create complex and intricate shapes. d) Laser cutting is incredibly pressies.

The highly accurate and precise nature of of laser cutting one of the greatest benefits that it has brought. It allows for highly accurate cuts that leaves a clean cut and smooth finish. This has helped product, components and devices to become much smaller, and vastly reduces the amount of material wastage. e) Laser cutting isn’t just useful for manufacture and processes. Laser is mostly use for manufacturing on production processes, it isn’t the only area in which laser cutting has delivered a huge impact. It is widely used in medical sector also for artistic purpose etc.

f) One laser can be used for multiple applications. As well as the process of laser cutting itself being suitable for a range of different application, you will also find that a single laser as multiple uses too. Such as laser engraving, laser marking and laser drilling. 14 ? DISADVANTAGES OF LASER CUTTING : Laser cutting has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages like below : a) High power consumption Laser cutting machine demands high power consumption as compare to other manufacturing techniques.

b) Very delicate to handle The lase beam is very delicate to handle. A slight mistake while adjusting the distance and temperature can lead to burning or dis-colouring of metal. c) Thickness Laser cutting is not capable of cutting very thick metals. d) Production time A production is not consistent in laser cutting as the time for cutting various metals may vary.

15 ? AIM AND OBJECTIVES : ? The main objectives and aim during the project is as below. Initially the aim that we are perusing during the project duration is the proper and most efficient way of working of the laser machine in any working condition.And also if you see from the perspective from the mentions problems in the problem summery our aim is to maintain the chiller temperature during the working process in the laser machine. So we can say that the main objective that we are pursuing during this time period for the given project is the proper maintenance of the chiller temperature in the laser machine. 16 CHAPTER : 2 ? LITURATURE REVIEW : ? RESEARCHPAPER NO.

:- 1 TITLE : LASER BEAM MACHINING OF INCONEL ALLOYS AUTHOR : AKSHEE SHIVAM SANTANU CHAKRABORTY B.B.PRADHAN VOLUME : 11 PUBLICATION : INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ON DESIGN AND MANUFACTUIRING TECHNOLOGIES ABSTRACT : Inconel alloys are one of the commonly used alloy in manufacturing field due to their excellent strength to weight ratio, high corrosion resistance and strength at relatively high temperature. This review briefly evaluates the work carried out on the significant of the various laser beam machining processes on inconel alloys and also brief study has been done on the effects of the various element composition on the inconel properties.An overview of research works on inconel alloys using laser beam machining is being given in this paper.

Most of the work have investigated properties like micro-hardness, tensile strength, thermal properties and mechanical properties.It has been concluded that simulation models and optimization techniques can be a part of future research works. KEY WORDS : ? Cutting Temperature ? Cutting Force ? Incolel Alloys ? Laser Beam Machining ? Process parameters ? Properties 17 ? RESEARCH PAPER NO. :- 2 TITLE : CUSTOM COOLING STAGE TO ELIMINAT THERMAL EXPANTION OF SPIMDLE DURING MICRO LASER ASSISTED MACHINING AUTHOR : ALEXEY GAVRUNOV DEEPAK RAVINDRA VOLUME : 5 PUBLICATION : WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY ABSTRACT : The patented u-LAM technology is attached to a conventional DTM to enhance the capability of the micro/nano-machiningprocess, representing a fiber laser that passes through an optically transparent diamond cutting tool, thermally heating and softening hard and brittle material to more effectively manufacture them.

From the first first test of beta tests of application, large differences in depth of cuts between programmed and measured value were identified. This is believed to be due to the spindle growth, expanding towards the tool,caused by the thermal effects from the laser heating. This paper discussed the implementation of a custom stage that was specifically designed and fabricated to solve the spindle growth issue due to laser infrared radiation heating. Several methods including an infrared thermal imaging, liquid crystal strips and a wireless thermocoupele are used to study heat distribution and efficiently of the CCS. KEY WORDS : ? Diamond Turning Machine ? Single Point Cutting Tool ? Laser Machining ? Custom Cooling ? Single Point Diamond Turning 18 ? RESEARCHPAPER NO. :- 3 TITLE : DESIGN AND DEVLOPMENT OF CNC ROBOTICMACHINE INTEGRATE-ABLE WITH ND-YAG LASER DEVICE AUTHOR : NUR HIDAYANTI BINTI AMBRIZAL AWAIS FAROOQI OSAMA I. ALSULTAN NUKMAN BIN YUSOFF VOLUME : 4 PUBLICATION : ELSEVIER ABSTRACT : The machining technologies and modern intelligent systems are expensive and handling and integrated-able machine with various devices to perform multiple machining tasks.

CNC machines are accessible by manufactures to perform several machining tasks due to effectiveness in handling accuracy.the majority of CNC machines are costly due to it complex but efficient machine and software design. This project is aims to develop a cost effective and easily integrate-able CNC machine for ND-yag laser device. The designed CNC ND-yag laser machine is a teaching tool for workshop and is targeted to perform laser cutting and suitable engraving or welding task for small medium scale industry. By testing the machine its expected positional accuracy and control mechanism for ND-yag laser path reflection function was successfully tested. KYE WORDS ? CNC Robotics ? Laser Machining ? Cost Effective Manufacturing ? Software Control System ? Work Shop Teaching Tool 19 ? RESEARC HPAPER NO. :- 4 TITLE : EFFECT OF SURFACE LASER TREATMENT ON MICRO-STRUCTURE AUTHOR : HOSSEIN LAVVAFI MARK E.

LEWANDOWSKI DEVID SCHWAM JOHN J. LEWANDOWSKI VOLUME : 9 PUBLICATION : ELSEVIER ABSRACT : Recent development in minimally invasive surgical techniques have led to a surge in advancing alternative manufacturing routes. In order to meet the functional needs of such small devices as cardiovascular stent, and guide wires, the use of new material and delicate isometrics has increased creating a new challenger for manufacturing and machining.

IN this work, two sets of laser parameters leading to different laser power output were employed to study the effect of systematic changes in micro structure and mechanical characteristics of biomedical grade wire. Uni axial tension and cyclic strain-controlled fatigue with the use of flex bending machines were used in order to evaluate the mechanical properties. The effect of lase processing conditions on the microstructrual features responsible for these changes behavior are discussed. KEY WORDS : ? Laser Treatment ? Laser Machine ? Flex Bending Fatigue ? Bio-Medical Wires ? Heat Effected Zone 20 ? RESEARCHPAPER NO. :- 5 TITLE : LASER CUTTING OF VARIABLE THICKNESS MATERIALS AUTHOR : M.


LI ABSTRACT : Laser cutting has been widely applied to materials with uniform thickness profiles. The aim of the study is to explore the problems and effects of cutting non-uniform metallic sheet. Mild steel sheets between 2-3 mm thickness with step of 0.

25 mm were cut using both CO2 and ND-YAG laser with equivalent cutting parameter 4 different cutting arrangement’s a) thin-to-thick from the flat side, b)thick-to-thin from flat side, c)thin-to-thick from the seeped side, d) thin-to-thick from the stepped side. Quality of cut was examined in terms of doors attachment, surface roughness, perpendicularity, kerf width and straight height. The work show that variation in workpiese thickness affects the cut surface quality due to several factors related to irradiance and assist gas flow.

KEY WORDS : ? Laser Cutting ? Thickness Profile ? Material ? Thickness Parameters ? Finishing Surface 21 ? RESEARCHPAPER NO. :- 6 TITLE : ELEMINATION OF STRIATION IN LASER CUTTING OF MILD STEEL AUTHOR : M. SOBIH P.

L.CROUSE L.LI VOLUME : 7 PUBLICATION : UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER ABSTRACT : High power laser cutting is extensively used in many industrial applications.

An important weakness of this process is the formation of striations, which affects the quality of the surface produced. The elimination of the striation formation is important, since it could open up verity of novel high-precision application. This study present the results of oxygen-assisted laser cutting of mild steel sheets, using a high-power fiber laser.

striation-free laser cuts are demonstrated for cutting of 1 and 2 mm thick mild steel sheets. The optimal operating windows are presented and a mathematical method is proposed to estimate the critical speed at which striation free cut can be obtained. KEY WORDS : ? Laser Processing ? Laser Machining ? Striation ? Mild Steel ? Convectional Cutting Method ? Mechanism 22 ? RESEARCHPAPER NO. :- 7 TITLE : EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF ON LASER CUTTING OF ALLUMINIUM ALLOY USING CO2 LASER AUTHOR : J. SEBASTIN JOYAL R.RAMKUMAR K.GANESH I.JUSTIN ANTONY RAJ VOLUME : 5 ISSSUE 6


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