INTRODUCTIONThe recommendation for project management framework in

INTRODUCTIONThe recommendation for project management framework in

INTRODUCTIONThe recommendation for project management framework in excellent award ceremony in Manukau Institute of Technology for 2018. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. Project management processes are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing out report.

(Kloppenborg, T, J. 2013). Project Management framework add value to excellent award ceremony by outlining a body of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that’s improve performance and project success.

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Project Management setting priorities for excellent award ceremony project to start and follow to make project successful. THE PHASES OF PROJECT MANAGEMENTScopeMarketingFinanceTime(deadline)DesignRiskProcurementHuman ResourceStakeholdersCommunication InitiationPlanningImplementationEvent ShutdownSOURCE: EPMS 2010Some of the benefits of using project management approach to deliver successful event. The establishing of clear objectives at the beginning will support management decision. The clear communication and effective monitoring helps to make events more relevant and meaningful. The host organisation, community, project team, sponsors, media and participants involve of making it relevant depend on collect team effort they contribute for this event to happen. “Plans are nothing; planning is everything”. Dwight D.

Eisenhower. SCOPE STATEMENTI propose to implement project management and management process for planning, executing and deliver project successfully for excellent award ceremony for Manukau institute of Technology for 2018. People and Culture team use their planning and control all activities for Excellence award 2018. People and Culture team project is committed to implementing effective project management solution at all levels of their projects to be success.

• Nomination• Living the value awards• Outstanding Achievement award• Teaching Excellence awardsI will engage in analyse and interpreting over eight weeks period, from Quarter 3-4 of 2018 for approximately fourteen hours per week. I will analyse and come up with a solution for development of Excellence award 2018 project progress.After collection of the data about the Excellence awards 2018 project scenario and my recommended project management and management process solution will benefit the entire award ceremony project. I will analyse it using qualitative and quantitative analysis and proceed with research draft.At the end of my analysis and research, my recommendation and detailed research project management and management process report to the upper management and everyone involved in this project. It will outline the problems faced by the Excellence awards event project and lesson learnt with current event project.

Excellence awards Project would be able to benefit from implementing an appropriate project management and management process solution for project progress. Types of activities that will come under each area of focus.Invitation ? Promotion? Advertising? Ticketing? Guest Registration? Programming? Recoding the eventStaffing ? Security? Speaker? Master of ceremony ? Health and Safety? Judges? Human Resource? Marketing? Operational? FinanceBudgeting ? Funding and sponsors? Cost and spending limits? Cash flowSite selection ? Floor plan and the staging? Event equipment? Furniture? ParkingDecoration ? Flowers? Gifts? Lighting and sound system? Live Bands an DJ? Theme of the event-MIT colourCatering ? Food and beverages? Drinks package(alcohol)BACKGROUNDManukau Institute of Technology organise this event to recognise their people and staffs for excellence in both teaching and support capacities.

MIT strives for continuous improvement for benefit of students and better community. MIT is the education provider with their purpose to get students into great jobs in the future. Their mission to deliver tertiary education.

To deliver vocationally focused tertiary education, research and technology transfer that ensures Auckland’s economy, graduates, employers and communities have the capability and skills to achieve their potential. (MIT website, 2018)Manukau Institute of Technology work closer with people, community of Counties Manukau to achieve their purpose and mission. Manukau Institute of Technology excellence awards to celebrate staff excellence in all its forms according to living their value, teaching and outstanding service. Manukau Institute of Technology make sure everyone in the organization have a connection to their values. (MIT website, 2018)? We are Real,? We are Connected,? Manaakitanga. ? We are Excellent.

MILESTONE SCHEDULE WITH ACCEPTANCE CRITERIAMILESTONE COMPLETION DATE STAKEHOLDER JUDGE ACCEPTANCE CRITERIAPrepare research proposal 03 August 2018 Academic Supervisor/event planner Limitation of information and expected outcome of the projectApproval first draft 08 August 2018 Academic Supervisor Follow scope, initiating, organising projectsProject Planning Proposal completion 12 August 2018 Academic Supervisor Define major deliverable and set project boundariesComplete analysis and interpretation information 20 August 2018 Academic Supervisor Project Management/management process theory, tools and techniques been applied.Prepare and submit final report 27 August 2018 Academic Supervisor Project management process and management process are related to the final close outProject Presentation completion 27 August 2018 Academic Supervisor, Course coordinator, Business Development Coordinator Presented in a professional way of communicationPROJECT DELIVERABLESThese are deliverables which will be produced a result of the successful completion of the MIT Excellence award 2018. The Event/Project Manager is responsible for ensuring the completion of these deliverables for the progress and successful of the Excellence Award 2018 event.

? Deliverable 1-Successfully improve the key planning areas of focus for the event. ? Deliverable 2- Successfully improve the types of activities that will come under each area of focus.? Deliverable 3-How will we know if the event has been successful for the award winners and other attendees? ? Deliverable 4 –How to we make the event personal, relevant and meaningful for up to 800 peoples? ? Deliverable 5- How will we integrate cultural activities that honor our diversity? RISKS AND ASSUMPTIONS Risk management is not the responsibility of a single department, it is the responsibility of everyone from the high management position to the lower level position. Due to the time constraints of this quarter and the research completion date, it might result in a research that might miss out some important information. Some important information are limited in internet and textbooks.

In project cycle, assumption must be made to identify and mitigate any risk.ASSUMPTIONS RISKStaying within the budget and finish on time. Behind schedule and over budgetAll resources are available for use Over allocate resource and tasks or poor communication management plan.Resources hired are fully skilled and experience for the tasks Lack of consistency. Inexperience staffs are not performance to the standard and event requirement. Stay focus on Planning, executing and direct Event/Project management process. Poor leadership and not skillful Project/Event manager to lead the project.

Project unsuccessful.STAKEHOLDERS LISTStakeholders Priority Interest in ProjectAnita Keestra-Academic Supervisor Key ? Direct and guide assessment and feedback for more improvement for my project.? More communication for project process.Educational Provider-MITPeople and Culture/Bridgit. Other ? Organise coarse are available for Co-op projectLil/Jo-Hill-Business Development Coordinator Key ? Provide work placement for studentsRenuka-Course Coordinator Key ? Involve in coarse material for projectPROJECT METHODOLOGYThis research will implement both qualitative and quantitative research method and collecting data for this research.? Write a research report that combines my understanding in project management and management process relates to Excellence Awards 2018 event.

Analyse and interpret the research data and write final report.RESEARCH METHOD WHO DATA COLLECTIONINTERVIEW (Primary Research) Culture/Development Consultant/Project Planner/Project Team QuestionnaireGROUP DISCUSSION Project Team Brainstorm ideas/Group discussion+ONE ON ONE Project Manager/Planner In personONLINE RESEARCH AND RESOURCE (Secondary Research). Project management technique/management process tools onlineThe waterfall method delivers more planning, control and manage a project successfully. One task is to be completed before the next task begins and easy to understand the sequence of the tasks. In relating to my project, it’s easy to estimate cost, create timeline and shows clear deadline of my project. This method shows the status updates that we deliver to the higher management position, stakeholders and customers.

The critical path method deals with critical path, some tasks you can’t start until the previous tasks has been finish. It’s clearly show me how to prioritise and allocate resources to get the important work done. When project schedule need to be changes, the adjustment of teams work process won’t affect the end result of manage a project progress.


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