Introduction trying to ?avoid? him, acting like he

Introduction trying to ?avoid? him, acting like he

Introduction In the novel Stone Cold, Swindells tries to create a sympathetic atmosphere for, one of the main characters, Link and other homeless people in general. To do this; he uses a variety of techniques in his novel to help get the reader too sympathise with Link and the other homeless people. The first technique he uses is first person narrative.

This is shown when Link says; ?they avoid looking at me. Right now I?m sitting in a doorway watching the passers-by?. This uses first person narrative as the words ?me? and ?I?m? have been used, meaning Link is saying it.

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He implies that it is the pedestrians trying to ?avoid? him, acting like he is not there. As if he?s invisible. Which is shown when Swindells uses the word ?they?- also making the reader feel as if Link is addressing them, engaging the reader, making them feel pity and guilt towards Link. He also uses first person narrative when he says, ?It was still dark, and bitterly cold as I began to peel of my sleeping bag?. Again, he uses first person narrative as he uses the words ?me? and ?I?. This creates sympathy as he uses strong words like ?bitterly? which makes emphasises the fact how cold he is.

read more. MiddleThis is implied during Link?s search for money when he says; ?You mean I?ll get no benefit- nothing?? The author creates sympathy as he makes the government seem like they are doing nothing to help Link, making the reader portray an selfish image of them. After he says this he adds ?-nothing? to really emphasise the fact that the government isn?t giving Link (and the other homeless people) one single penny. This enforces the fact that link has nothing creating sympathetic atmosphere. Fifthly, the author tries to make sympathy for Link by showing how badly Link is treated by: his family, the general public, his landlord Rat face and even the other homeless people! Vince ?Link?s mum?s boyfriend- is shown to treat Link exceedingly bad due to violence, which is shown when Link states, ?Vince started slapping me around the head!? When this is said it builds up a reputation for Vince; making him seem like a diabolical man, giving the reader an insight of Vince?s true monstrosity and show the upsetting reality of Link?s depressing life. Hence sympathy created for Link.

Also when the word ?head? is mentioned it causes the reader to feel more sympathy for Link due to the head being a very important and could seriously injure someone; showing the sheer hatred of Vince towards Link. ..

.read more. ConclusionAlso when the term, ?raw morning? is used it gives the reader an idea of fresh; yet bitter conditions. Seventhly, and finally, sympathy is created as a sense danger is found throughout the whole novel of ?Stone Cold?. As soon as Link becomes homeless he soon becomes aware of the dangers, this is shown when Link states; ?There are guys so desperate or so crazy, they?ll knife you or batter your head in for your sleeping bag and the coppers you?ve got in your pocket? When this is said it gives the reader a sense of despair and how much people will do for so little.

Also, as Link is going through this it makes the reader sympathetic for Link as they realise his helplessness and how he?s at the Brink if despair?Also in Shelter?s narrative he says; ?Nobody knows they’re there, they’re invisible.? When this is says it shows how professional Shelter is at murdering people; giving the reader a real sense of danger for Link as he has many encounters with this skilled murderer, showing Link?s vulnerability. When shelter says; ?They?re invisible? he uses a metaphor to show that no one will ever find them and it?s like the victims are not even there. In conclusion Robert Swindells uses many successful ways and techniques to create sympathy for Link and the other homeless people in his novel, ?Stone Cold? This builds up to create a sympathetic atmosphere throughout the whole of the book. …read more.


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