Hello class today i will be giving you a presentation on the play the Tempest exploring the theme of freedom and imprisonment while looking at scene 1 act ii often being divided into two parts for how long it is, I will be focusing on the scene between Prospero and Ariel after her recants the same story he tells everyday

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If thou more murmur’st, I will rend an oak and peg thee in his knotty entrails till thou hast howled away twelve winters

The Tempest


This theme can be closely linked to servitude and freedom which is why it is important that it is acknowledged. The first signs of betrayal come to play when Antonio betrays his brother in order to steal his dukedom over Milan from him but that seems to be a catalyst that sparks a whole lot of betrayals from within the play such as with Alonso and Prospero who would have been murdered if not for the loyalty of Ariel and Gonzalo

The divine:

The divine is used for a lot explanations in the play, often following as a parallel Prospero’s magic. Although many things happening in the Tempest can be put down to prospero and his magic the divine often takes credit for his work. He is the only one that has full control of his powers. An example of this is Prospero decided to bring sprits in the shape of the gods in an effort to impress Miranda and Ferdinand but he eventually admits that they are false merely images made by him. Here we fully understand Prospero’s plight with the divine, he realises that it is inevitable and although he posses some magic he still subject to the will of the gods.

face of the larger project designed for him by powers higher than his own. 

Compassion and forgiveness:

The rarer action is / In virtue than in vengeance, this is the revelation that prospero has after finally making plans for his return back to his home in Italy after years of exile. His ability to forgive those who wronged him, Mirandas ability to empathise, mercy shown by Ariel and the thoughtfulness of Gonzalo.


Who is Ariel

what does she do

why is she here

What are her wishes

Pop culture

Made into a monster in the 2007 game silent hill origins

Appears in the second season of Tv show the librarian as a tiny blue fairy sat in prosperos pocket.

Appears in the league of extraordinary gentleman comic book alongside Prospero and Caliban as part of an incantation.

Meaning of key themes in the scene

Complete servitude

Reaffirmation of statuses:

I prithee,
Remember I have done thee worthy service,
Told thee no lies, made thee no mistakings, served
Without or grudge or grumblings. Thou didst promise 
To bate me a full year.

Dost thou forget
From what a torment I did free thee?