In (Miller, R. 2000). To nurture a child

In (Miller, R. 2000). To nurture a child

In this assignment, factors that will impact a child’s holistic development will be discussed.

“Holistic Development in children focuses on addressing all of the needs of a child’s life: emotional, physical, relational, intellectual, creative and spiritual. This perspective to development encourages caregivers and teachers to look at the child as a whole and not focus on the individual parts” (Miller, R. 2000). To nurture a child as a whole, the holistic approach encourages learning through engagement of the environment.

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The child’s emotions, physical needs and creative openness will contribute to his development and learning with the help of a caregiver. A holistic caregiver allows children many prospects to take part in open-ended play while building warm relationships and recognizing the importance of the child’s spiritual and cultural development. The factors that will be stated, will be linked to a theory and a connection will be shown and discussed. In closing, of the assignment, activities will be recommended that may be used by holistic teachers to engage learners and promote the development of oneself.


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