In causes of AFP are not included

In causes of AFP are not included

In the current retrospective follow-up study, the clinical features of patients diagnosed with acute flaccid paralysis and Guillain-Barré syndrome as the cause of disease through the clinical evaluations and biomedical investigations are examined and evaluated in a critical way. The demographic and clinical features of patients attended Heevi Pediatric Hospital and diagnosed with AFP or reported from other health center to the hospital across the Duhok governorate are extracted for the study purpose. The patients meet eligibility criteria if they are male or female without age restriction and irrespective of socio-demographic aspects for the present study. The patients with other causes of AFP are not included in the study.

Diagnostic and measurement criteria:The diagnosis of the Guillain-Barre´ syndrome is established according to the diagnostic criteria of Brighton (Fokke et al., 2013) , including Bilateral and flaccid weakness of limbs; Decreased or absent deep tendon reflexes in weak limbs; Monophasic course and time between onset-nadir 12 h to 28 days; CSF cell count 50/micro-l; CSF protein concentration > normal value; absence of alternative diagnosis for weakness.

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