In by the Roanoke branch. In addition to

In by the Roanoke branch. In addition to

In recent days I’ve been informed about some ongoing issues at the Roanoke branch in Virginia which is causing us to lose valuable clients.

In my weekly meeting with Mr. Forest he informed me that last month there was four clients that have complained about the advertising work produced by the Roanoke branch. In addition to the known complaints, we have also had several long time vital clients that have decided not to renew their contracts with us. I have reached out to several team members of the Roanoke office to get some insight on the situation. During my research I uncovered some troubling information. In the last three months an art director and an account executive have left the agency.

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Also, three of the graphic designers and four of the copywriters are threatening to resign. The reason I was given was that they feel that their work has not being valued. We need to exam this situation immediately because this can affect the growth of our company.

Because without passionate employee our company is just a name.


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