In etc. Our adverts and videos can be

In etc. Our adverts and videos can be

In our business, marketing tools are essential so that products can get promoted so the business makes more money. A marketing tool that Ogle Models uses is a marketing calendar. This is a calendar which is used by the marketing staff, to organise what is planned for each day in the working year.

Another tool would be digital and physical media. This includes videos, adverts, posters, photos, leaflets etc. Our adverts and videos can be found on TV, YouTube, Vimeo and other video streaming websites. This means it’s seen by almost anyone if it has the right publicity.

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The same goes for photos and posters, they can be put anywhere on the web, billboards, signs or leaflets. This advertising would be beneficial for companies. We believe our main tool for marketing would be telemarketing or face to face as they are both communicating verbally which is the best way to make sales and grab somebody’s attention. Face to face communications could be talking to customers asking them about competitors, etc.

Having knowledgeable people that know about the aspects of the products is a beneficial marketing technique as people will ask their opinions and will listen more to another person than a piece of writing. They will also tell you other shops that may be selling it cheaper, or have better deals, and even might say that they aren’t as good as your company which could benefit us in the future.


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