Imagine experience fresh air or sunshine, only

Imagine experience fresh air or sunshine, only

Imagine yourself locked in a cold, desolate cage. The room is full of strangers observing you and you have no idea what’s happening; sharp needles and vials of drugs scatter the room. You can hear disconcerting wails echoing. This is how testing animals feel. The animals spend their lives in barren cages. Most never experience fresh air or sunshine, only bars and concrete.

small, crowded cages, lack of enrichment, loud noises, and bright lights known to create stress in animals. More than 100 million animals every year are killed in laboratories. For the cosmetics, household cleaners, and other products you use daily.

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If any product says “cruelty free” on it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the products inside the product were not tested on. Millions suffer; animals are poisoned, blinded and manipulated like puppets. Mice and rats are forced to inhale toxic fumes, dogs are force-fed pesticides, and rabbits have harsh chemicals rubbed onto their skin and eyes. Could you imagine seeing your pet get tortured by having plastic tubes put down their throats and having drugs shoved down?Advocates of animal testing contend that experimenting on animals is necessary to advance human life. However, truthfully, the experiments have not been proven to be very helpful or necessary, except be stressful and painful to the animals. Animal anatomy are still very different to human anatomy therefore the results can differ when used by humans.

As an example, morphine is supposed to calm human beings, but it excites cats. Had humans relied on the results of experiments conducted on animal subjects, they would not have discovered many benefits to humans. They would never have known the common anaesthetic, chloroform, seeing that it is toxic to dogs. Many steroids, adrenaline, insulin, and certain antibiotics are also harmful to animals albeit medically beneficial for mankind.

Human diseases do not happen in animals, it is usually artificially created so it will not be an accurate representation of the real disease. After enduring lives of pain, loneliness and terror, almost all of them will be killed when only 92% of drugs that pass animal tests fail in humans. Therefore, many animals have been hurt and scarred for life in agonizing procedures they are forced to endure without anaesthetics. The world doesn’t need another eyeliner or soap so badly that it should come to the expense of animals’ lives.Some animals develop phobic behaviours such as continually spinning in circles, scratching at their bodies, and even pulling out their own hair and biting their own skin.

They shake and tremble in fear whenever someone walks past their cages and their blood pressure increases drastically. Many of these tests are not ever required by law, and they often produce inaccurate or misleading results.Scientists do not want to hear the animal’s screams, so they then cut the animal’s vocal chords. Billions of dollars have been spent on research, but not enough legitimate progress has been shown.

should immediately be outlawed.Humans to this day still find themselves dominant over animals. Animals and people are alike in many ways; they both feel emotions and think. Although animals are tested on for human likeness, animals are denied rights for human unlikeness. If humans were treated the same way it would be inhumane and would be stopped immediately.

Why should animals be any different? Scientists have replicated human skin and test skin products on this replicated human skin. Monoclonal antibodies can be created with the help of cultured cells. There is another method using a computer program which takes the information from the drugs or virus and calculates the effect of these drugs or viruses on human beings even of different age groups and different genders. All these tests have been proven to be useful and viable alternatives to testing products on live animals and cost a fraction of the amount.

In conclusion, animal testing should be eliminated because it violates animals’ rights, it causes pain and suffering to the experimental animals, and other means of testing product toxicity are available. Humans cannot justify making life better for themselves by randomly torturing and executing thousands of animals per year to perform laboratory experiments or to test products. Animals should be treated with respect and dignity, and this right to decent treatment is not upheld when animals are exploited for selfish human gain.

The value that humans place on their own lives should be extended to the lives of animals as well.


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