Imagine instead of yourself as you are not

Imagine instead of yourself as you are not

Imagine you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You are completely in love and you want to get married, but you cannot. You are not allowed to. You do not get to have a wedding reception; no vows, no exchanging rings, no walk down the aisle. You are also denied the legal rights that come along with marriage. If your partner were to become sick with a terminal illness, you might be denied access to the hospital room due to not being a wedded spouse. If they were to pass away, you would not have any say in their inheritance and it may go to a close family member instead of yourself as you are not their legalised partner. This is the trauma and hardships that many lesbian and gay couples face every day as the arguments about same-sex marriage is constantly ravished with bigotry, prejudice, taboo, ignorance and homophobia. Homosexuality is misunderstood by millions of Australians and it is up to us, free minded people to express the fundamental aspects of a new generation belonging substantially to sexual rights. Homosexual couples face struggles on a significant level for a natural existence they are incapable of controlling. The legalisation process of same sex marriage enables our current youth to express themselves more vividly. It will not affect those in religious or political parties as they do not require to officiate at such services and perhaps enhance the level of freedom most people are seeking to find. We as a nation have been able to identify various factors such as equality in terms of race or gender. Why should we not be equals based on sexual orientation? It is time to look towards the future in a more awoken and spirited way.


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