Idea/Concept DialogueExample:”The sound of machine gun fire-

Idea/Concept DialogueExample:”The sound of machine gun fire-

Idea/Concept Visual representation of conceptSurvival Prescribed Text: The Shoehorn Sonata Related Text: Paradise Road Technique: Visual ImageryDialogueExample: “Photograph of children in a Japanese prison camp. They are sick and obviously starving””What’s that exactly?””A chop-bone of course!”Analysis:The quote “A chop-bone of course” shows the audience the determination to survive through the chewing of the chop-bone every night before bed.Technique: 41Auditory Imagery DialogueExample:”The sound of machine gun fire- and the cries of women on the soundtrack””All the men were bayonetted, then the Japs forced the nurses to march into the sea””Twelve nurses didn’t make it”Analysis:”The sounds of machine gun fire” is an example of imagery. Alongside “all the men were bayonetted,” creates in the audience’s head, an image of fear horror and terror, and showing how hard it was to survive, further reinforcing their determination.Technique:Example:Analysis: Technique:Example:Analysis:Technique:Example:Analysis:Technique:Example:Analysis: Idea/Concept Visual representation of conceptFriendship Prescribed Text: The Shoehorn Sonata Related Text: Paradise Road Technique: DialogueAudio imagery Example: “And there Sheila was – still clutching her wood… I was so darn relieved, even I joined in.

My dad would have killed me – behaving like a protestant.”We hear young Bridie and Sheila singing a few (waterlogged) lines from “Jerusalem” Analysis: When Bridie and Sheila first meet, there is a sense of friendship, it will be the start of a long-lasting friendship. Technique: Visual ImageryAudio ImageryExample: Bridie: “I’ll never know how you managed to do it – stitch a rusty pin into his loin-cloth””Bridie and Sheila bow together. We hear Lipstick Larry yelling from a stab of excruciating pain. Bridie and Sheila laugh”Sheila: “The look on his face – God that was funny!”Analysis: Bridie and Sheila laughing portrays to the audience that although they may be in a tough situation, they will still maintain a solid friendship and make the best out of a tough situation Technique: Visual Imagery Example: “And as we chewed, we’d talk about food. Hold imaginary dinner parties.

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Swap recipes. Plan menus.Analysis: This shows the determination and friendship between Bridie and Sheila.Technique:Example:Analysis:Technique:Example:Analysis:Technique:Example:Analysis:


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